Gather ‘Round Padawans (Part 11): The Vision

It’s interesting, considering the medium of choice, that all the Gather ‘Round Padawans have, thus far, dealt with human characters. Superhumans (Spider-Woman), Inhumans (Ms. Marvel), and formerly human (The Spectre) perhaps but all, at their core, humans.

Time to remedy that.

This time, I’m delving into the world of synthezoids or, rather, one synthezoid in particular. One who wants nothing more than to be human. To be one of us. To feel what we feel, to form the bonds we form, to connect to that greater thing we apes have by privilege rather than by right (and which a good many of the ants in the colony really don’t deserve): the human race.

In this, the eleventh Padawans, I want to focus on The Vision. Continue reading Gather ‘Round Padawans (Part 11): The Vision

How Karaoke Rid Me Of Stage Fright

My name is called and I step on stage. My friends have had their turns, and the mood is festive. I’ve never sung karaoke, and the idea of singing off key and thoroughly humiliating myself in front of people I know is mortifying.

But I get up on stage and belt out my rendition of Duran Duran’s ‘A View To A Kill.’ I let the music draw me in and focus on the lyrics on the screen before me (really?! that’s what the words are?), and I sing.
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