Family-Friendly ConnectiCon


Watching ConnectiCon evolve in the last ten years from a teen anime crowd, to an event that encompasses all ages. See some photos of the young geeky families this year!

A Letter to My Neurotypical Daughter

Image: Natania Barron

Natania reflects on the challenges of raising two kids — one with autism and the other who is neurotypical — and the daily life struggles and triumphs that come about.

Happy World Read Aloud Day!


March 4, 2015 is World Read Aloud Day! Why not start an adventure with your child–toddler or teen–today?

Goals, Part 2: The Big Picture

Last week, GeekMom Mel talked a little about setting realistic goals. But what if…you just never get there?

This Book Just Ate My Dog!


Interactive and silly, This Book Just Ate My Dog! will be a winner for a younger read aloud.

ConnectiCon: A Much Needed Break From Reality


After a stressful week in the “real” world, Rebecca had a much needed geeky vacation at ConnectiCon. Read about how the kids and she spent a weekend at this multi-genre convention.

Gearing Up For ConnectiCon


One of my favorite summer geeky conventions is ConnectiCon. Is it right for you and your family?

The One Photograph You Should Take Today

Family at Chatsworth House 1988 © Sophie Brown

Several years ago I decided to take on the immense task of digitising all our old family photos; but in doing so I noticed the one photograph we didn’t have.

WonderCon: Kids Cosplay


WonderCon brought out the best in fun, family cosplay! Check out these adorable kids!

Review: Muppets Most Wanted

Still from Muppets: Most Wanted. Photo credit: Walt Disney Pictures.

When asking see it, stream it, or forget it, Muppets Most Wanted is an emphatic “see it”!

A Science Literate Family

astrobiology peas

What’s a great way to bring science into your family life? Attend a talk by your local, friendly scientists!

Killer of Enemies: Kick-Butt Heroine


Killer of Enemies by Joseph Bruchac is about Lozen, a young warrior trying to keep her family alive in a post-apocalyptic world where electricity no longer works and monsters and myths once again roam the earth. Lozen’s most powerful tool is her compassion.