Pirate vs. Ninja Christmas

My son is a ninja fan, and I am most certainly Pro-Pirate. How does this play out at Christmas?

Hacker School Offering Grants to Diversify the Programmer Demographic

Hacker School seeks to increase diversity in the programming industry by awarding grants to women and minorities.

Geeky Gifts For Twins

GeekMom Jenn has a few gift ideas for twins, with a geeky twist!

GeekMom 2013 Holiday Gift Guide: Clothing

Check out these fashionable accessories and attire pieces as gifts for the geek in your life this holiday season.

Design Your Own Geeky Jewelry With Moonkist Designs

Gena Robinson of Moonkist Designs has turned her love for metalworking into a business designing beautiful and geeky custom jewelry.

Soft and Creepy Felted Critters

At ConnectiCon this year, one vendor stood out with his felted creepy creations.

What the GeekMoms Want for Mother’s Day

Each year, as we contemplate gift guides for Mother's Day, we think about what we want for Mother's Day. Chances are good your GeekMom will like this stuff, too.

In Defense of Jayne’s Hat Makers

Jayne's yellow and orange hat is one of the big symbols of the Firefly fandom. I, like many other Browncoats, was disappointed to hear of cease and desist orders sent out to crafters of this unique hat by 20th ...

An Interview With Etsy and Hacker School About the Etsy Hacker School Grants

On Saturday, we shared the news about Etsy providing ten lucky programmer women five thousand dollars to attend Hacker School. Today, we have the whole story direct from the source. I interviewed Marc Hedlund from ...

Here at GeekMom we love handmade gifts and there is nowhere better to shop for something unique and lovingly made than on Etsy. The GeekMoms have rounded up some of our favourite Etsy stores to shop at this holiday ...