Breast Pumps at the MIT Hackathon

This weekend, the MIT Hackathon focuses on making the breast pump Not Suck!

Space Opportunities and News

Student unmanned aircraft competitions, opportunities to launch payloads on NASA rockets, a space anniversary, and more.

Book Review: <em>Women of Steel and Stone</em>

This book contains the inspiring stories of 22 women architects, engineers, and landscape designers during the late 1800s and early 1900s.

Talking Cars, STEM, and Moms With One of the Women Behind the New Ford Mustang

GeekMom Nicole spoke with Ford Vehicle Line Director Marcy Fisher about working on the new 2015 Ford Mustang, getting kids into STEM careers, and her path to engineering.

An interview with the founder of GoldieBlox inspires this GeekMom to take a closer look at what girls really need to become engineers.

Margaret E. Knight, Inventor Extraordinaire

We should all know more about Margaret E. Knight, an inventor in the 19th century. Her process for making paper bags is still used today.

Building on Her Own Terms: From Lego Foe to Lego Friends

At first baffled by the appearance of Lego Friends, Cristen finds herself challenged by her daughter's opinions on the matter.

How a Dragon Helped My 3-Year-Old Understand Internal Combustion Engines

The Hideous Zippleback from the movie How to Train Your Dragon has helped us explain lots of things, from kitchen safety to how cars move.

I am happy to be tackling once again the subject of getting girls into the STEM majors, this time in honor of Introduce A Girl To Engineering Day. To better understand the problem about why so few women are going in ...

For this month’s Muse of Nerds, I quickly grabbed onto the STEM to STEAM movement (adding ‘arts’ to the technical.) Creativity is the foundation for advancement in all fields. The arts — ...