Reptile Round-Up: New Apps From PBS, Dr Seuss, & the Smithsonian

Dr. Seuss, PBS Kids, and even the Smithsonian have new apps out filled with dinosaurs, lizards, and snakes, so I’ve been taking a look at several of them.

Review: <em>If I Ran the Rainforest</em> Ebook

If I Ran the Rainforest sees the Cat taking Sally and her brother Dick on a journey to a rainforest to learn all about them.

The Butter Battle App

GeekMom Sarah continues to discover Dr.Seuss with her children, through The Butter Battle Book brought digital life by Oceanhouse Media.

I grew up in a French-speaking town so Dr. Seuss was just not part of my childhood like it is for many kids in the US. When I moved to California, I took a job as a mother’s helper while I attended college. ...