Ready to Get Your Downton On?

Stop the presses: there appear to be children in this photo. Image source:

Tonight’s the night! Season 5 of Downton Abbey airs on PBS this evening, January 4th. Here’s a peek at where we left off last season.

A Downton Abbey Christmas Wish List


Nothing can stop GeekMom Sarah’s holiday music from kicking in early, and now she is spurred on by the hope of a Downton Abbey Christmas album. Christmas has come early indeed!

10 Ways To Get Your Post Downton Fix


Looking for a British fix post Downton Abbey? GeekMom and British transplant Sarah offers some tongue in cheek, some serious, suggestions for your British needs.

Destination: Downton Abbey

Destination Downton Abbey © Destination Board Games

British games manufacturer Destination have secured the rights to Downton Abbey and produced another in their series of popular, fun-to-play family games.

Mouseton Abbey: The Missing Diamond by Nick Page

Photo © Make Believe Press, 2013.

This delightful new picture book should satisfy your Downton Abbey obsession until the show returns in January. It’s also a great chance to practice that English accent during family story time.