Wear A Bow Tie Day and Other Wholidays

Bow ties are cool! Are you wearing yours today?

The Doctor vs. Sherlock: The Ultimate Geek Face-Off

Would would choose to become the Doctor's companion or Sherlock's blogger? Read on to find out which of the two won the most votes!

A Chat With The Witty Little Knitter

A conversation with the knitter whose Doctor Who scarves are worn by the The Doctor himself.

Em-Con Recap

Em-Con was the first event of its kind in the region. I enjoyed myself immensely, however for many attendees, it was a long, long wait.

Come to the Pink Side, We Have Tutus

Is "Pink” really a four letter word in a geek-centric home? The day came when this GeekMom stopped fighting the tide of tutus and princess glitter and began a Jedi education in love and acceptance.

Dalek A-line Dress From Her Universe

E-X-T-E-R-M-I-N-A-T-E! Wear this Dalek dress anywhere that you want to show off your geeky allegiances.

Geektastic Cookie Cutters You Can Print

Check out the best of the geeky cookie cutters posted on Thingiverse, the home of shared 3D printer files.

Cosplaying Capaldi’s Doctor

Now that the new Doctor's costume is revealed, let the cosplay ideas begin!

The Twelve Whos of Christmas: A Holiday Cookie Guessing Game

A delicious way to welcome the holiday season and the Twelfth Doctor alike.

GeekMom Gift Guide: Books for Grown Ups

Since we already covered books that would be great gifts for kids this year, let's not forget about the more mature set of individuals who enjoy a good read.