How To Frame Your Fandom

How to collect and frame your geeky art collection.

With the help of you can build your own marble run tower out of paper.

DIY: Power Button Pillow Sewing Project

Stencil a power button icon for a cool pillow design. This simple sewing project makes a great gift for any tech lover.

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Melting crayon wax onto a pumpkin is an easy, fun craft that you can do even with a toddler.

PinBusted or PinTrusted: Upright Pantry Storage

This upright pantry storage I saw is thousands of dollars cheaper than remodeling and flooring our kitchen, but would still give us much needed kitchen storage. Was it worth it?

Hacker Scouts: Encouraging Kids to Hack!

GeekMom Cristen interviews Samantha Cook, the founder of Hacker Scouts: a national non-profit that encourages kids to learn, build and hack.

Maker Faire New York this year had more than ever to do with (and buy for) kids.

Maker Faire New York: Fueling My 3D Fantasies

If you have an interest in 3D printing, Maker Faire has the power to turn that interest into an obsession.

Pinbusted or Pintrusted: Natural Ant Killer

Pinbusted or Pintrusted? Which of the popular natural ant killers on Pinterest actually work?

<em>Toolbox Jewelry</em>: Adornments for Makers

Toolbox Jewelry is one of the best Klutz kits yet, perfect for young, fashionable makers.