DIY Mickey Mouse Wreath

Mickey Mouse Wreath © Sophie Brown

This tutorial shows you how to cheaply make a Mickey Mouse wreath like the ones I saw on vacation at Walt Disney World.

12 Geeky DIY Gift Ideas From GeekMom


Are you looking for something geeky to make as a gift for the holidays, birthdays, or other special occasions? GeekMom is here to help!

Tutorial: Say It With Sock Monsters

handmade sock monsters,

These little creatures require very little in the way of new materials other than stuffing and socks, but they’re big on personality.

A DIY Mid-Century Medieval Guest Room Upgrade


With two kids, a dog, and space at a general premium, having a guest room has never been an easy task for our growing family. We’ve made some sad attempts over the years to accommodate visitors, including a futon (shudder), a second-string queen sized bed (which ended up covered in marker), and an office/nursery combination. A year ago, we finally moved to a house that

GeekMom Holiday Traditions: Handmade Gifts


The holidays are my favorite time of year. I liked December as a kid, but as an adult…well, you can ask my husband: I am almost more excited about the Christmas holiday than the kids are.

PinBusted or PinTrusted: Upright Pantry Storage

The finished product. I crammed soup cans and peanut butter onto the shelves. It works, but nothing bigger will fit. Note the towel with the Star Wars Imperials cross-stitched on it (found on Etsy and completed by my sister and brother-in-laws).

This upright pantry storage I saw is thousands of dollars cheaper than remodeling and flooring our kitchen, but would still give us much needed kitchen storage. Was it worth it?