Hero Boxes!

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Starting at $39, might have the most expensive mystery boxes for geeks, but you get quality products that you won’t want to throw away.

Listen to the Women of Marvel

Captain Marvel Returns in 2014 © Marvel

Last week the first official Women of Marvel podcast hit the Internet, featuring some of the editors and staff at Marvel Comics.

Supergirl #29 Preview

Cover to Supergirl #29

Supergirl’s Red Lantern rage endangers her one friend in this preview of Supergirl #29.

GeekMom: Comic Book Corner — November 27th, 2013

Harley Quinn #0 \ Art by Jim Lee

This week, I jump into Harley Quinn #0, Lisa shows us a darker side with the digital comic book series Aurora Rose, Corrina checks out Zero Year issues of Catwoman and The Flash, and Sophie checks in with Scully and Mulder in The X-Files Season 10.