12 Geeky DIY Gift Ideas From GeekMom


Are you looking for something geeky to make as a gift for the holidays, birthdays, or other special occasions? GeekMom is here to help!

Peg Plus Cat Amigurumi


GeekMom Sarah underwent a labor of love to create this crocheted feline for her favorite fellas. The finished product will bring much joy, though the pattern may challenge.

Knit Nests for Baby Birds in Rehab

Knitted nest snuggles baby birds in video from babybirdnest.org. (Screengrab K. Moore)

Rehabilitation centers are using knitted nests to house baby birds. Links to knitting and crochet patterns and more information are provided.

Big Bang Barr Blanket


GeekMom Sarah took the plunge on a mammoth craft project, and winds up on the couch (almost) with Johnny Galecki.

GeekMom Holiday Traditions: Handmade Gifts


The holidays are my favorite time of year. I liked December as a kid, but as an adult…well, you can ask my husband: I am almost more excited about the Christmas holiday than the kids are.

Wonder Woman Day: Wonder-ful Crafts

Wonder Woman Crafts © Bake at 350/Pixel Power Designs/Being Geek Chic

If all today’s Wonder Woman posts are inspiring you to add a bit more Wonder Woman into your life then maybe a craft project is just what you need. Whether you’re looking for something you could create in an afternoon or a more long-term project there should be something for everyone here.