More Geek Loom Bands

Here are some more geeky projects to do with those little bands that seem to be distant relatives of Tribbles...

Bare Conductive: Electric Paint for Crafts & More

GeekMom Sophie is always interested in trying something new in the world of crafts, so the idea behind Bare Conductive's battery-powered cards made with electric paint seemed fascinating.

Viking Fun

The Viking apocalypse already passed, but you can still have fun with Vikings: crafts, books, and Thor's hammer!

Geek Loom Bands

Take your loom bands to the next level with these geeky loom band creations!

Pinbusted or Pintrusted: Fireworks in a Jar

Get a fireworks display in a jar--when you follow all the instructions correctly!

Big Bang Barr Blanket

GeekMom Sarah took the plunge on a mammoth craft project, and winds up on the couch (almost) with Johnny Galecki.

How to Be a Super <em>Frozen</em> Mom

How to encourage your child's Frozen fandom!

How To Frame Your Fandom

How to collect and frame your geeky art collection.

DIY: Power Button Pillow Sewing Project

Stencil a power button icon for a cool pillow design. This simple sewing project makes a great gift for any tech lover.

How to Be a Super <em>Batgirl</em> Mom

How To Be A Super Batgirl Mom: How to encourage your child's Batgirl fandom!