The Meanest Thing You Say to Your Creative Friend

Are you guilty of this? Then stop it. And if you're the one hearing it, there's advice for you, too.

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A DIY Mid-Century Medieval Guest Room Upgrade

With two kids, a dog, and space at a general premium, having a guest room has never been an easy task for our growing family. We’ve made some sad attempts over the years to accommodate visitors, including a futon ...

Unboxing the <em>How to Train Your Dragon Collector’s Edition</em>

GeekMom Rachel and her son get pumped for the upcoming sequel by taking a peek at the latest edition of this Blu-ray/DVD release.

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Bare Conductive: Electric Paint for Crafts & More

GeekMom Sophie is always interested in trying something new in the world of crafts, so the idea behind Bare Conductive's battery-powered cards made with electric paint seemed fascinating.