Product Review: Chef Sleeve iOS Kitchen Products


Do you use your iPad or other tablet device in the kitchen? I had the opportunity to review three of Chef Sleeve’s products: the cutting board with iPad stand, a set of iPad 2 protective sleeves, and the dishwasher safe iPad stand. All of these products are made in the U.S.A.

Weekly GeekMom Video Playlist


This week the GeekMom writers found so many cool videos on the internet; I don’t even know where to start! Tap dancing, mock movie trailers, game reviews that involve cooking, making burritos in space — you name it, it’s possible we found it.

Eat Like a Geek: Peppermint Toads


My daughter recently had a Harry Potter themed birthday party. The festivities of the day are for another article, but part of the Honeydukes gift bags were homemade Peppermint Toads.

How to Share Your Homebrew with Your Kids: Spent Grain Recipes


Making beer is a lot like making tea. Except when you’re finished making tea, you drink the tea and throw out the leaves. When you’re finished with the first step of making beer, you put the brew in a giant bucket and throw away a massive glob of wet grains. Or do you? It’s a shame to toss all those delicious-smelling grains that you carefully

Molly Weasley Comfort Cooking


After a long winter’s day, ever wish you could just cozy up in the Burrow and have Molly Weasley whip you up a little roast chicken with mashed potatoes? Or feast in the Great Hall on some lamb chops? Now you can… with a bit of Muggle work. When I was sent The Unofficial Harry Potter Cookbook for review, I thought it was going to be

How to Make Hello Kitty, Keroppi, and Badtz-Maru Cupcakes


I have a daughter turning five, and she has a problem. Two problems, really. The first is an inability to decide what she wants for a birthday theme. The second is a mommy who thoroughly enables this indecisiveness. Last year it resulted in a cake shaped like Gotham City with a bat signal on top of a Hello Kitty village with a Spider-Man web connecting

Kitchen Topology With Challah

    Tonight is the start of Rosh Hashanah, the Jewish New Year. For me, holidays mean food, and for Rosh Hashanah the traditional treat is a round loaf of light and fluffy challah. Challah is an egg bread, usually shaped into a long braid. For the Jewish New Year, however, the loaf is round to symbolize the circular nature of the seasons. The bread is

Chemistry in the Kitchen: Worth Its Weight in Salt


My introduction to the nuances of culinary geekery were definitely attained apart from my parents. No, they weren’t the best of cooks. But they had also been raised in a culture of ease vs. taste, of convenience vs. toil.  But that’s not to say they didn’t help me along. In fact, they gave me the greatest gift you can give a budding geek chef: free