Screensters by Toddy Gear: Fun for Kids

Screensters are a fun way to inspire kids to keep their devices smudge-free. Photo: Patricia Vollmer.

The Screenster’s slim, simple design, the numerous caricatures to choose from, and convenient top loop for hanging it on a bag makes this a fun accessory for kids’ tablets: iPads, Kindles, Kobos, Nooks, or Galaxy among others.

Respect Your Parents or They Will Follow Through


You may have heard about this dad who recently punished his daughter through a video on YouTube. Through writers on GeekMom and various social media venues where the event has been shared, I have seen every opinion in the spectrum of possibilities from chastising the father to praising him. The video was a very timely topic in our house as my husband and I are

Muse of Nerds: College Physics, Innovative Robotics, Homeschooling — Dr. McColgan Can Do It All!


For my Muse of Nerds this month, I’ll formally introduce you to someone I have talked about in the past: Dr. Michele McColgan of Siena College. I met her through our homeschooling group (she has two elementary-aged children) and she has introduced my kids to science, math, robots, computer programming, alternative energy, a Lego Robotics Team…and more than I remember. I first mentioned Michele in

Computer Science Lessons Need to Change


There is a sense of complete wonder at the insides of a computer, and it’s something I find both worrying and surprising. I am of the first generation for whom computers have been standard items in our homes for most, if not all, of our lives. From the day I was born back in 1986, I can’t recall not having a computer in my house.