Hacker School Offering Grants to Diversify the Programmer Demographic

Hacker School seeks to increase diversity in the programming industry by awarding grants to women and minorities.

Youth Digital’s <em>Minecraft</em> Mod Design 1 Class: First Impressions

Youth Digital offers computer science classes for kids in grades 3-7. We are checking out their Minecraft Mod Design 1 class.

Participate in Hour of Code to help reach the goal of introducing 10 million students of all ages to programming. All it takes is one hour.

GeekMom Bit by Bit: <em>RoboMind</em> Teaches Text Editor-Based Programming to Kids

RoboMind is a no-prerequisite-required introduction to programming, where the objective is to create programs that allow a robot to perform certain tasks.

Kids Program Video Games With <em>Kodu for Kids</em>

New book Kodu for Kids will systematically teach your kids how to program with Microsoft's Kodu.

It’s a pretty uniform feeling among geeks with daughters: We want to raise strong, smart, independent girls who can stand above stereotypes. So when I’m faced with marketing geared toward girls, I feel a ...