Don’t Miss the Hour of Code – December 8-14!

Take advantage of this year's Hour of Code to introduce your child to programming, sharpen your child's programming skills, or even give programming a try for yourself

Hacker School Offering Grants to Diversify the Programmer Demographic

Hacker School seeks to increase diversity in the programming industry by awarding grants to women and minorities.

Youth Digital’s <em>Minecraft</em> Mod Design 1 Class: First Impressions

Youth Digital offers computer science classes for kids in grades 3-7. We are checking out their Minecraft Mod Design 1 class.

Participate in Hour of Code to help reach the goal of introducing 10 million students of all ages to programming. All it takes is one hour.

GeekMom Bit by Bit: <em>RoboMind</em> Teaches Text Editor-Based Programming to Kids

RoboMind is a no-prerequisite-required introduction to programming, where the objective is to create programs that allow a robot to perform certain tasks.

Kids Program Video Games With <em>Kodu for Kids</em>

New book Kodu for Kids will systematically teach your kids how to program with Microsoft's Kodu.

It’s a pretty uniform feeling among geeks with daughters: We want to raise strong, smart, independent girls who can stand above stereotypes. So when I’m faced with marketing geared toward girls, I feel a ...