Buffy’s Back! Complete Recap for Newbies and Returning Fans

With nine seasons of backstory, there’s now a lot of Buffy history to get through. For those of you interested in diving into the show again, here’s a (mostly) spoiler-free recap of the road so far.

Viking Fun

The Viking apocalypse already passed, but you can still have fun with Vikings: crafts, books, and Thor's hammer!

<em>You Are Not Alone</em>: Kids Overcoming Obstacles

GrayHaven Comics has created an almost 200 page book with vivid and intense stories covering difficult topics such as depression, bullying, and gun violence.

Artist’s Idol—Do You Have a Passion You’d Like to Share?

Do you have a gift to share with the world but American Idol isn't available in your genre? Let's create our own Artist's Idol!

My “Bad Boy” Valentines

Here's a Valentine to the men I'd never date in real life.

Author Paul Crilley on <em>The X-Files: Conspiracy</em>

Today the first issue of The X-Files: Conspiracy crossover event from IDW is released. Sophie asked lead author Paul Crilley a few questions about it all.

Nine More X-Files Antagonists We’d Love to See Return

Here are nine monsters, baddies, and other dangling plot bunnies from The X-Files that I’d like to see make a return appearance in the comic series.

How to Be a Super <em>Batgirl</em> Mom

How To Be A Super Batgirl Mom: How to encourage your child's Batgirl fandom!

Gotta Share ‘Em All: The Fun of eBay Collections, Comic Book Style

New eBay collections let everyone curate their wish lists and share them, too. Ours are especially geeky, but of course.

Fun With Vintage Comics

Going to an adult-only collage night at a local art studio, I found a pile of vintage comics to cut up into strange tales. I blame the rum in my hot cocoa.