Wonder Woman’s Backstory Comes to Your Coffee Table

Wonder Woman: The Complete Newspaper Comics delivers an awesome journey through the Amazon Princess' origin.

Comics: A Candy Alternative for Halloween

Boom Studios is offering comics as a candy alternative for Halloween.

Pirate Day Book Review: Scott Chantler’s <em>Pirates of the Silver Coast</em>

This all-ages graphic novel features a feisty, adventurous girl seeking her lost brother in a fantasy medieval setting.

Halloween ComicFest Brings Free, Fun Comics to Halloween

Another fun day offering free comic books is heading your way: Halloween ComicFest. Most shops will celebrate on October 25, with bundles of mini comic books available for sale to trick-or-treaters.

<em>Everstar</em>: From EarthGirl to Spaceship Captain

Everstar, about the adventures of an 11-year-old girl in space, releases today at Thrillbent.com

<em>Guardians of the Galaxy</em> is as Good as You’ve Heard

Could any film ever live up all the hype surrounding Guardians of the Galaxy? Yes. Yes, it could.

Gene Luen Yang Talks About <em>The Shadow Hero</em>

Check out GeekMom Rebecca's new interview with the author of The Shadow Hero.

Everyone Should Meet <em>The Shadow Hero</em>

The Shadow Hero is a graphic novel with ties to the history of comics, racism, and the duality of first generation Americans, in an entertaining format that young YA and up will enjoy.

We Love Fine “Carol Corps” Shirts Now Available For Kids

We Love Fine features a great line of shirts by artist Kelly Sue DeConnick. Now they're available in kids' sizes, with a brand new design!

<em>Lumberjanes #1</em>: Friendship to the Max!

Lumberjanes: A comic for girls/women/Hardcore Lady Types of all ages!