Avengers Assemble for <em>Marvel Universe Live!</em>–Show Review

Dakster gives her after-show review of Marvel Universe Live!

<em>Project Superhero</em>: A Book For Your Young, Comics-Loving Girl

In this fiction/non-fiction hybrid for pre-teen girls, Jessie's 8th-grade class embarks on the Superhero Slam, a year-long project to explore heroes and superheroes---culturally, scientifically, and ...

Splash Heroes: A Milk-made Superhero Calendar

If you like Jaroslav Wieczorkiewicz's milk-based high-speed photos, check out his new superhero calendar.

CLZ Comic Book App: An App Worth Its Weight In Books

CLZ Comics is the most expensive app GeekMom Dak owns---and the one most worth the money.

Let’s Play! Comic Book BINGO

Who thinks they can win Comic Book BINGO?!?

Face It, Tiger: Gwen Stacy is Spider-Woman

What if instead of biting Peter Parker that fateful day, the irradiated spider found Gwen Stacy first?

Halloween ComicFest Brings Free, Fun Comics to Halloween

Another fun day offering free comic books is heading your way: Halloween ComicFest. Most shops will celebrate on October 25, with bundles of mini comic books available for sale to trick-or-treaters.

Back to School Guide 2014

Welcome to this year's back to school guide. We've got backpacks, fitness trackers, cameras, laptops, and books. Oh my!

GeekMom: Comic Book Corner—Comic Con Bargain Trades, <em>Princess Ugg</em>, <em>The X-Files</em>, and <em>Guardians of the Galaxy</em>

This week, we celebrate 75 years of Marvel, watch a rough-around-the-edges princess start a new challenge, learn how confusing The X-Files can really get, and see a new take on the Guardians of the Galaxy.

Reading Comic Books With Your Pre-Schooler

How to cull a comic book collection for your pre-schooler.