<em>Robyn Hood: Legend</em>: The Final Battle — An Interview With Patrick Shand

One of Robyn Hood's journeys comes to an end in the final issue but another begins. Writer Shand gives us the inside scoop on the past, present, and future of this amazing heroine.

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<em>Survive Inside the Human Body</em> Manga Series!

Survive Inside the Human Body is a 3-part series of books that teaches the ins and outs of the human body in a fun manga style format.

Everyone Should Meet <em>The Shadow Hero</em>

The Shadow Hero is a graphic novel with ties to the history of comics, racism, and the duality of first generation Americans, in an entertaining format that young YA and up will enjoy.

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Tesse-whatsit? The Science-ish of Tesseracts in Science Fiction

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<em>Robyn Hood Wanted</em>: An Interview with Artist Larry Watts

Larry Watts gives us an artist's look inside Robyn Hood's latest series, Wanted, and a little about his next project, Robyn Hood: Legend.

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