The Fall of the Christmas Sweater

When exactly should you stop wearing your Christmas sweater?

ThinkGeek’s Soft Kitty Hoodie Is Perfect For You And Your Kids

Who would have thought that the ThinkGeek Soft Kitty Hoodie would be the absolute most loved thing my daughter found under the Christmas tree this year?`

Dress Your Little Ones In Geeky Style From We Love Fine

We Love Fine has long had a fantastic product line of geeky clothes and accessories for adults and now they've got a kids shop, just in time for the holidays!

Back to School with has something for every member of the family.

D23 Kids Cosplay: A Labor of Love

Check out the outstanding kids cosplay I saw at D23.

My Imaginary Well-Dressed Toddler Daughter

"My Imaginary Well-Dressed Child" is a Pinterest board that excels at pure entertainment. Really. You want to take a look.

History Geek: 1930s Week

Swing dancing! The creation of Superman! Adagio for Strings! Radio Plays! Migrant Mother photojournalism! Heath bars! The Wizard of Oz! Monopoly! Last week I directed a summer camp all about America during the 1930's.

What the GeekMoms Want for Mother’s Day

Each year, as we contemplate gift guides for Mother's Day, we think about what we want for Mother's Day. Chances are good your GeekMom will like this stuff, too.

GeekMom T-shirts, Now Available at ThinkGeek!

We here at GeekMom are proud and excited to announce that GeekMom T-shirts are now available for purchase at ThinkGeek! The shirts have our zippy space-age car logo, in slightly less varied colors (due to printing ...