Twelve Bots of Christmas: Day 9!

Get your dance groove on because today’s Lego Bot creation, provided by Nathan Hale, author of the new holiday book called The Twelve Bots of Christmas, has a style all its own! Who knew that Legos had rhythm? Enjoy these two groovin’ fools because we only have three more fun days left before the big day hits and our twelve days of Lego bots ends.

Photo: Jaime Richardson

If you’d like to peek ahead at the robots to come, check out this great book (and our review of it)! It’s a holiday classic you’ll want share with all the geek kids in your life.

Twelve Bots of Christmas: Day 8!

Photo: Jaime Richardson

Here she is! One of my favorites in this whole series and definitely one of my favorites in the Lego creations that author Nathan Hale is making to replicate the pictures in his new holiday book, The Twelve Bots of Christmas. After I saw the picture of this lovely lady, I couldn’t imagine how she’d look once she was fleshed out in Lego. But by golly, I love her! The apron is a special touch, as is the sassy kick of her shapely Lego leg.

If you know nothing about this book, check out our review, and be sure to check out days 1-7 also. And tune in tomorrow. There just might be some crazy dancing robots headed your way.

Twelve Bots of Christmas:Day 7!

We’re getting so close to the big day….we’re already up to day 7 on our countdown of the Twelve Days of Christmas! Children’s author, Nathan Hale, has written a fun new holiday book, called The Twelve Bots of Christmas, and is sharing the Lego versions of his clever illustrations with us. If you’ve missed days 1-6, be sure to check our older posts (or punch ‘Twelve Bots’ into our search box) so you can see them all.

So here we go…time for the Seven Sub-Trons swimming!

Photo: Jaime Richardson

Pretty cute, huh? (In a geeky kinda way) One of my favorites is coming up tomorrow so don’t miss it! If you haven’t seen the book’s review, that’s worth a look too.

The Twelve Bots of Christmas: Days 5 and 6!

(NOTE: Due to a little editorial confusion — hey, we’re moms, we get distracted! — here are Days 5 and 6 of the Twelve Bots of Christmas.)

Photo: Jaime Richardson

This one is small, but clever. It’s been fun, seeing how Nathan Hale, the author of The Twelve Bots of Christmas, fleshes out the pictures of his creative holiday book. I’ve had a sneak peek at the pictures to come and they are pretty amazing. Trust me, you’ll be amazed by what Mr. Hale does with ‘the eight Moto-Milkers’….stay tuned!

Photo: Jaime Richardso

I think my favorite thing about these creations, is the the tiny details. I love the small, sideways gauge on the front of this robot goose. He looks very ‘techno’ indeed.

Mr. Hale’s fun new Christmas book was reviewed not long ago. Check out our thoughts on it, if you haven’t seen it yet.