Between the Bookends at GeekMom

This month's Between the Bookends covers comical cats, Lemony Snicket causing despondency yet again, and a story of ordinary hardship in World War I.

A Moomin Celebration

Tove Jansson’s The Moomins have a been a book translated into 44 languages, a comic strip, a cartoon, a stop action animation, a 3D film, an opera, and a theme park. This year Jansson's beloved Finland ...

11 Young Reader Picks for National Reading Month

GeekMom Helen collates great books for younger independent readers for National Reading Month.

Between the Bookends at GeekMom

Between the Bookends returns for 2014 with ghosts in Malaysia, murder and intrigue in Westeros, and a whole lot of My Little Pony!

Interview: A Librarian Shares Ways to Grow and Cultivate Strong Readers

A recent study shows that kids who read for pleasure are likely to do significantly better at spelling, vocabulary, and math than their peers who do not. A librarian discusses ways to cultivate young readers.

Seven Books American Kids Love (That This Brit Never Knew Existed)

A recent behind the scenes discussion at GeekMom about Childrens literature prompted fellow GeekMom Sophie to introduce many of our writers, and readers, to the children's books that are invariably read by British ...

Review: <cite>The Woolyhoodwinks vs. the Dark Patch</cite>

Take a trip into The Great North Woods with The Woolyhoodwinks, a group of hand crafted friends who would be just as much home in the fictional worlds of Silverstein or Lear, as they are in their own story.

Actor Jason Segel to Become a Children’s Author?

Random House has signed the writer and star of The Muppets to a three-book deal. He'll be co-writing with Kirsten Miller, creator of the bestselling Kiki Strike books.

I grew up in a French-speaking town so Dr. Seuss was just not part of my childhood like it is for many kids in the US. When I moved to California, I took a job as a mother’s helper while I attended college. ...

Children’s inner lives may not seem all that complicated. But they are, even if kids may not fully be fully aware of the complexities they’re dealing with until they’re much older. That’s one reason it’s ...