My Geek Epiphany

My husband always stumbles into these conversations, innocent in his observations.  Surely he meant no harm. One comment that, for the first time in a long time, had me questioning myself, my history, and my own reality.

He made just one comment that, for the first time in a long time, had me questioning myself, my history, and my own reality.

“You were NOT a geek when I met you.”

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Magic Card for Love

magic valentine big
Image By Luke Maxwell


I love seeing what my son comes up with to give as Valentine cards each year. Sweet and geeky is the usual. Using Powerpoint, he created a Magic card for Love that’s quite powerful.

Now the only question is: will he pull it out when playing Magic with friends?

How to Create a Cute Turkey-Themed Thanksgiving Keepsake

Keepsake Turkey Handprint. Image: Maryann Goldman
Keepsake Turkey Hand Print. Image: Maryann Goldman

Here’s a simple and cute Thanksgiving craft that’s sure to turn into a childhood keepsake. Doing this craft would be a great way to distract little kids and big kids alike while they wait for the turkey to come out of the oven.  You know how pesky they can be asking, “Is it done yet?” There are no strict rules for this craft. You can do one child hand print per page, all your kids on one page, or even ask visiting family, like Grandma and Grandpa, to get in on the act. You know they’d love to put their hand print on the same page as their grandkids! Have a missing family member this year? Include them by turning this craft into a card and sending it to them.

Supplies you’ll need:

  • White card stock
  • Green, yellow, red, orange, and brown washable tempera paint
  • Black, red, and brown thin markers
  • Five foam paintbrushes (one for each color paint)
  • Willing participants
  • One paper plate for paint


  • Have a piece of card stock ready on a hard, flat surface.
  • Pour out a small amount of each color of the tempera paint onto a paper plate.
  • Have your subject put their hand out palm up. It doesn’t matter if you use the left or right hand. I used the left hand.
  • Paint the other four fingers. One should be red, one green one orange, and one yellow. Any order works.
  • Quickly, before the paint dries, press the hand firmly onto the white card stock. It’s important not to let the hand move and smear the print. Go straight down and straight back up.
  • Allow the hand print to dry thoroughly.
  • Use the brown marker to add the feet.
  • Use the black marker to add the eye.
  • Use the red marker to add the beak.
  • Use the brown marker to label with the name and year as appropriate.

Warning, you’re bound to hear some giggles. The wet paint and foam paintbrush can feel really ticklish!

If you like, you can substitute watercolor paper for the card stock and watercolor paint for the washable tempura paint. The images won’t be as bright and bold, but the prints will have a lovely artistic flair to them.

One isn't enough! Image: Maryann Goldmn
One isn’t enough! Image: Maryann Goldman

You might as well make a few more while you’ve got all the supplies out and hands are already messy. Enjoy!