8 Current Favorite Family Games

So what are your family's current tabletop favorites? Here are a few choices from GeekMom Rebecca!

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Southern Maine Family Game Festival

If you feel like playing games all day and video game all night, you might want to be in Maine on November 2.

The First Kaijudo Card Sliver, Revealed!

GeekMom is thrilled to reveal the very first card sliver in the new Kaijudo contest that has fans scouring the internet to piece together a series of all-new, super-rare cards.

Congratulations to The Winners of Our <em>Kaijudo: Clash of the Duel Masters</em> Prize Packs!

Congratulations to our Kaijudo: Clash of the Duel Masters winners!

Enter to Win One of Five <cite>Kaijudo Clash of the Duel Masters</cite> Prize Packs!

GeekMom is giving away five Kaijudo: Clash of the Duel Masters prize packs to our lucky readers!

Here There Be Dragons: Looney Labs’ Seven Dragons Game

Since rumors of the Pottermore website began, my husband has been daydreaming. An off hand comment by me that I might be interested in playing a Potter MMO, has him fantasizing about all night gaming sessions side ...