How to Be a Super Batgirl Mom

super batgirl mom Welcome to How To Be A Super ____ Mom! From crafts and recipes to fun toys and adventures, here are ways to take your child’s fandom and make it even more fun!

When the news broke this year at New York Comic Con that Stephanie Brown was returning to Batgirl, interest was kicked into overdrive into an already devoted fan base. The character has gone through so much with Gail Simone‘s recent Barbara Gordon Batgirl run having the heroine go through trauma therapy with a doctor named after a fan and consulant for the book, Dr. Andrea Letamendi, who is an actual real-life psychologist that helps kids get through trauma. Even superheroes need to work on their mental health.

Batgirl is a strong female character and it’s easy to see why geek girls of all ages love her. Here are some great ways for younger fans to discover more about one of Gotham’s finest female crime fighters!

say it dont spray it - batgirl and robin
image by: Say It Don’t Spray It

1. Batgirl and baby Robin cosplay

The most fun you can have as a GeekMom is dressing up your kids in their favorite heroes’ costumes. There are a lot of options out there now in the girl superhero department or if you’re a DIYer you can always craft your own! Nanette of Say It Don’t Spray It‘s daughter wanted to be Batgirl for Halloween and did a great job striking a pose too—nice character development! What else would a mom of two girls do but get the younger sister into the act as an adorable baby Robin sidekick.

image by: Mike Maihack

2. Batgirl and Supergirl Cookie Exchange Art by Mike Maihack

Mike Maihack is one of my favorite artists, not only because his work is beautiful but his stories are also sweet and heartwarming. I have several (way too many) of his pieces and often buy them as gifts for friends. His Batgirl and Supergirl strips are begging to be made into a series. I’m particularly fond last year’s Batgirl and Supergirl Christmas comic because as we all know, cookies solve everything.

batgirl cake
image via:

3. Batgirl Cake

Doll cakes have been around for decades and have been turned into every girls dream from a standard pink doll cake, to Tinkerbell, and all the Disney Princesses. The superhero doll cake faction is definitely lacking out there, but never fear, Batgirl doll cake to the rescue! An innovative take on a classic, this Batgirl truly has the best superhero costume ever…because it’s made of cake!

batgirl little people
image via: amazon

4. Batgirl – Fisher Price Little People Wheelies

For the smallest Batgirl fan, Fisher Price’s line of cute superhero Little People are a great way to start off fandom at a young age. Batgirl comes in a two pack with another great female heroine, Wonder Woman, or solo in her own tiny Batmobile.

super best friends forever
image via: DC Nation

5. Batgirl – Super Best Friends Forever

As a rabid fan of anything adorable and geek girl superhero-related, I was jumping out of my seat when DC Comics started showing Super Best Friends Forever as part of their DC Nation shorts for Cartoon Network. Lauren Faust (My Little Pony, Power Puff Girls, and more) came up with ridiculously fun stories of Batgirl, Supergirl, and Wonder Girl and their crazy, feisty, kid-friendly adventures. At just a minute and a half apiece you’ll be wishing for hours more; alas, the series was never meant to be. At least you can still buy SBFF merchandise.

Extrageektacular Activities: Duff’s Cake Mix

extraGEEKtacular activities - Duffs Cake Mix
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Extrageektacular Activities are geeky field trips that encourage your child’s creativity and are a fun time for the whole family!

When you have a kid who loves art and drawing there are a lot of ways to encourage their hobby. Art classes and museums are good options, but a unique way that might not readily come to mind is one of my favorites: food! Cake decorating is a great exercise in creativity, especially when you add elements from comics, video games, and books. I took some kids to Duff’s Cake Mix in West Hollywood to put their art skills to the test.

Duffs bakery
image by:

Duff’s Cake Mix is a part of the West Coast operation of Charm City Cakes, a custom bakery made famous by Duff Goldman and his show Ace of Cakes. Here they have a walk-in bakery filled with baked goods like brownies, cupcakes, and some unique items like Peanut Butter and Jelly Cake and their popular Cake in a Jar.

Duffs interior
images by:

The real fun is the attached Decorating Studio. Parties can come and decorate their very own cakes using a Decorating Kit. When we got there we were assigned a decorator helper who told us about the process and how all the stations worked. With the help of an easy-to-use form, you pick your cake and filling flavors, the canvas (base) color type, and medium: frosting or fondant.

fondant on cake
image by:

Watching a professional put fondant on a cake was a sight to behold, they make it look so easy! Once the cake was covered it was off to choose tools and equipment then to the “Goodie Bar” to choose frosting piping bag colors and candy decor.

I took a 9-year-old, a 7-year-old, and a 4-year-old. Normally the bakery doesn’t advise having children under seven participate but they do allow it. The older kids were given cake and the youngest was given cupcakes which proved to be the perfect match for his attention span.

A good idea is to discuss ideas with kids beforehand, figure out what they want to make, and visualize how they were going to make it work. This helps a lot in getting the process going. Sketching out ideas is a good way to understand how they plan to execute it.

Minecraft Cake decorating
images by:

The 9-year-old went with a Minecraft theme; of course he did! He started with a canvas of blue fondant then chose to mold a Creeper head out of green fondant, using the same color as accents. Then he frosted a Minecraft pig in the front and added “gunpowder” (silver sprinkles) around the top. A true Minecraft masterpiece!

Batman Cake
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The 7-year-old loves Batman so that cake got the yellow fondant treatment for the canvas. He used the black fondant for cookie cutter letters and the Batman head he cut by hand. The kids really got into the details like the candy pearls to make the cakes look finished.

Duffs Cake Mix - cupcakes decorating
images by:

The 4-year-old (in his own chef’s coat, no less), with a little help from his mom, really enjoyed rolling and cutting the fondant, and using the candies to decorate. Moving from one small cupcake to another was just what he needed to keep his interest. Even though he was young, he worked right alongside the big boys and had a lot of fun. He said the best thing about it was that “I got to do it all by myself!”

The entire staff at Duff’s Cake Mix was so helpful, they happily answered questions and gave tips on easier ways to get things done. Everything at the studio was extremely organized, you never had to look too far for anything. I do a lot of baking and decorating, but I can’t imagine doing this at home. Here the space, the details, and having all the equipment and supplies at your disposal definitely made it worthwhile.

Duffs Cake Mix - cake slice
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Cake decorating was a great exercise in getting kids to think creatively and use the right tools to solve design problems. Using sculpture, drawing, and mosaic they got to have a lot of fun and see their creations come to life. The best part of creating art out of food? Eating it!

Duff’s Cake Mix
8302 Melrose Ave.
Los Angeles, CA 90069
(323) 650-5555

Mon-Thu 11 am – 6:30 pm
Fri 11 am – 10 pm
Sat 10 am – 10 pm
Sun 10 am – 6:30 p.m.