40 Cabin Fever Cures For Kids

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Communicate via banana, use junk to learn science, build a working catapult, make the easiest cheese, plus dozens of other ways to have fun indoors.

CABIN FEVER: Ten Sanity Saving Tricks with Tape


I am not exaggerating one single bit when I tell you that masking tape saved my sanity as a parent. As we continue Cabin Fever Week here at GeekMom, take a tip from me: get tape. For some reason, my kids thought it was a great treat to have unlimited access to tape. Regular old masking tape will work fine, but for extra excitement, consider

CABIN FEVER: How to Play “Spot the Geek” (Classic Movie Edition)


Recently my family endured a week of cabin fever brought on by snow, weblessness, and our general proximity to one another. We survived by watching movies together each night after dinner, but were limited to our rental cabin’s movie collection. This included only dusty classics that every adult Homo Sapien has seen at least fourteen times. The movies were on “videotapes,” which we played in