The Ultimate <em>Avengers</em> Playlist

GeekMom Jackie's New Year's resolution is to watch the entire modern Avengers oeuvre in the right order. But what is the right order?

Geek-twisting Holiday Songs

Oh, who wants the same old boring lyrics to our holiday favorite tunes? Add a geeky twist!

<em>The World According to Spider-Man</em>

Learn how to be a hero from the webcrawler himself and learn what it takes to be Spider-Man.

Disney Infinity 2.0: Marvel Super Heroes – All You Need to Know

Here’s what you really need to know about Disney Infinity 2.0: Marvel Super Heroes revealed today.

More Geek Loom Bands

Here are some more geeky projects to do with those little bands that seem to be distant relatives of Tribbles...

<em>Avengers vs. X-Men Companion</em> – Make Mine Marvel Part 2!

With the Avengers vs. X-Men Companion I have a chance to check out all the fun crossover issues I missed the first time.

What the GeekMoms Want for Mother’s Day

Each year, as we contemplate gift guides for Mother's Day, we think about what we want for Mother's Day. Chances are good your GeekMom will like this stuff, too.

Iron Man 3: Stark is Back and Utterly Compelling

GeekMom Sophie, a resident of the UK, already has seen Iron Man and she answers questions about whether it lives up to the Avengers, how Tony Stark is reacting to his near death experience in that movie, and what ...

Kelly Sue DeConnick Helps <cite>Girls Leadership Institute</cite> With Beautiful T-Shirts

Kelly Sue DeConnick is helping Girls Leadership Institute by donating her curation commission on a select line of tees at WeLoveFine.

As I sat through a half-hour of trailers at The Hunger Games this past weekend, I realized how many geektastic movies are coming out this summer that I’m going to want to see. Seriously. It’s absolute ...