Solar Eclipse? Don’t Be Left in the Dark

On Thursday, October 23, most of North America will be able to see a partial solar eclipse. Find out how you can see it in your area!

Start Your Day With a…Lunar Eclipse?

If you’re in the mood to wake up a bit early tomorrow morning (October 8, 2014), you’ll get a pretty awesome lunar treat. That’s right, it’s total lunar eclipse time!

Hobby or Career?

Trying to foster interests into possible career options for my high school son, but exploring astronomy turned out to be more of a hobby. Better to find out now?

Snag the <em>Starlight</em> App for Free Over Memorial Day Weekend

The great stargazing app, Starlight HD, is free for Memorial Day weekend.

GeekMom Video Playlist

Take a break, sit back, and enjoy some videos. Crazy photoshopping, and a sky all aglow...

Geeky States of America: Maine’s Scale Model of Planet Earth

Explore the Earth in Maine, from a view that can't be beat: DeLorme's large scale replica of our planet.

What is cute, silly, educational, fun, magical, and leaves you wanting more? All the videos rounded up for your viewing pleasure!

Friday’s Lunar Eclipse – Best Viewing Conditions

Parts of Canada, the Eastern United States, and Northern Africa will be able to see the last lunar eclipse of 2013

The Perseid meteor shower will be visible Sunday and Monday nights, August 11 and 12. GeekMom offers some tips for comfortable and high-probability meteor viewing.

Meet <em>Grace from Outer Space</em>

This Kickstarter campaign to create a book to "get young girls interested in astronomy, science, and technology" has just a few days left for funding.