New Year’s Resolutions: Declutter With <em>Next Issue</em>

This "Netflix for magazines" app is pretty great for eliminating piles of periodicals around the house.

<em>Next Issue</em> is Having a Black Friday Sale

Get three months of the magazine app Next Issue for the price of one, this weekend only.

Tiny Hands Apps Puts the Joy of Learning in Toddlers’ Hands

As the mother of two kids in a very tech-connected geek household, apps are often on our minds. Which is why I’m so excited to share Tiny Hands Apps, our sponsor, with you. Our daughter, the youngest, is only two. ...

iTunes Gift Card Giveaway for <em>Dragons</em> Interactive Story App

Win a $50 iTunes gift card and use it to purchase this new How to Train Your Dragon app from DreamWorks Press.

Help Preschoolers Learn Math Skills in the Number Neighborhood

A few years ago my son and I fell in love with the brilliantly designed Alien Buddies from Artgig Apps. Now the team has done it again with the beautiful and varied app Drive About: Number Neighborhood.

12 Surprising Facts About <em>Finding Nemo</em> (Sort of)

To help promote the Disney Movies Anywhere app, the studio is sharing secrets about a few fan favorites.

Late to the Game: <em>Carcassonne</em>

Carcassonne is a classic tabletop board game, which allows players to collect points while building towns, monasteries, roads, and farms in the French countryside.

LeVar Burton’s New Kickstarter Brings the Magic of <em>Reading Rainbow</em> to Classrooms

LeVar Burton is launching a Kickstarter campaign to raise $1 million dollars to expand the modern digital Reading Rainbow program to the web. You can help bring the beloved show back to a new audience of kids on the web.

Snag the <em>Starlight</em> App for Free Over Memorial Day Weekend

The great stargazing app, Starlight HD, is free for Memorial Day weekend.

A Galaxy Far, Far Away Comes to Your iPad in <em>Star Wars Journeys</em>

Is $6.99 worth it for an app that retells the film most consider to be the worst of the Star Wars trilogies?