Keeping Geeky Contact In College

"Miss Us?!" was the caption in this postcard sent by the Postagram app. My son and I wanted my daughter in college to know we were thinking about her...and maybe laugh.

Share Pictures With Donate a Photo, Help Worthy Causes

Sharing photos online has become the norm for most of us, and now when you share those photos you can also help a worthy cause with the Donate a Photo app.

LeVar Burton’s New Kickstarter Brings the Magic of <em>Reading Rainbow</em> to Classrooms

LeVar Burton is launching a Kickstarter campaign to raise $1 million dollars to expand the modern digital Reading Rainbow program to the web. You can help bring the beloved show back to a new audience of kids on the web.

Technology Helps Find Your Bra Size With ThirdLove

ThirdLove will fit you for a new bra using their new app in the comfort of your own home.

Let’s Make It With the <em>Mister Maker</em> App

GeekMom Helen reviews the Mister Maker: Let's Make It! app by P2 Games.

Review: <em>If I Ran the Rainforest</em> Ebook

If I Ran the Rainforest sees the Cat taking Sally and her brother Dick on a journey to a rainforest to learn all about them.

Experiment With Fun in <em>Toca Lab</em>

Toca Lab encourages little scientists to run different experiments on "elements" to discover something new.

Jingling all the way with the <em>Jingle Bells</em> app

GeekMom Helen jingles all the way with the new Jingle Bells app.

Get Muddy with Daddy Pig’s Puddle Jump

As every Peppa Pig fan knows, there’s nothing better than jumping in muddy puddles. However, if muddy puddles are in short supply, the new Daddy Pig’s Puddle Jump app is certainly a good substitute.

iPad App Review: <em>DrawQuest</em>

My sons and I had the chance to check out a free iPad app called DrawQuest. If you or your kids have a knack for drawing, this free app will be a fun diversion for you. This Facebook-connected online community will ...