The Boxtrolls by the Numbers

The Boxtrolls are a community of quirky, mischievous creatures in LAIKA and Focus Features' family event movie THE BOXTROLLS, opening nationwide September 26th.

Can you guess how many props were made by hand for The Boxtrolls? Or how long it took to create one minute of film? The answers may surprise you.

Go On an Adventure With Tad, The Lost Explorer


If you’re looking for some international animation with a Harrison Ford feel, look no further than Tad, The Lost Explorer, or as GeekMom Sarah prefers to say it, Las aventuras de Tadeo Jones!

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Crazy photoshopping, and a sky all aglow…

Bach’s Mobius Strip


Sometimes when artists visualize music, it detracts from the piece (scenes from Fantasia come to mind…), but this little animation by Jos Leys shows just how brilliant Bach can be.