<em>The Pirate Fairy</em> Red Carrr-pet Premiere

Christina Hendricks talks about voicing the title character in Disney's latest Tinker Bell movie.

Go On an Adventure With <em>Tad, The Lost Explorer</em>

If you're looking for some international animation with a Harrison Ford feel, look no further than Tad, The Lost Explorer, or as GeekMom Sarah prefers to say it, Las aventuras de Tadeo Jones!

<em>Frozen</em> Turns Blu, But Is It Worth Buying?

A limited offering of extras hinders Frozen's otherwise exceptional Blu-ray release.

<em>Frozen</em>‘s Art of Tech: Do You Want to Build an Olaf?

GeekMom Cindy takes a look at the technical side of the blockbuster hit and even gets to perform as Olaf!

<em>Frozen</em> Directors on How “Let It Go” Changed the Film and More

We talk to Frozen's Chris Buck and Jennifer Lee about the influence of the Oscar-winning song, the significance of the ending, how Olaf came to love summer, and why Elsa isn't a villain.

Interview: Floyd Norman, Disney Legend and <em>Jungle Book</em> Veteran

Disney Legend Floyd Norman shares opinions about modern animation, looking back over the 50 years since The Jungle Book was released.

Join Us (Virtually) for a <em>Frozen</em> and <em>The Pirate Fairy</em> Event

We'll be bringing you all the news and tidbits from Disney's press event for these two highly anticipated home video releases.

GeekMom Video Playlist

Take a break, sit back, and enjoy some videos. Crazy photoshopping, and a sky all aglow...

How to Be a Super <em>Frozen</em> Mom

How to encourage your child's Frozen fandom!

How many references can you spot in this clip from Sunday's episode?