GeekMom’s List of Educational Apps to Survive the Summer Slide

Do you need educational apps for the summer? GeekMom is here with a list!

The writers at GeekMom have compiled a list of educational apps for you to try this summer on your phone or tablet. Since it seems like preschool apps are a dime-a-dozen, we have come up with a list that will be more appropriate for first through fourth grade.

Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0: Confessions of an Android Newbie


When I received an invitation to try out the new Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0, I was excited to get a chance to really crack into Apple’s nemesis: the Android operating system. I had a brief exposure to the Android OS — with Ice Cream Sandwich 4.0 — when I reviewed the Ematic FunTab Pro last holiday season. But that system had a kid-friendly GUI face that shielded users from the meat and potatoes of the OS. This time around, I dove right in.

Review: Hand Stylus Shows Promise


I’ve been going through a bunch of styluses lately. It turns out they mostly suck. Picture trying to write something with a hot dog encased in metal. Not exactly an artists dream, and usually I just give up and used my finger. You know, one of the ten styluses Steve Jobs said we carried with us all the time? The Hand Stylus ended up not sucking. Hooray!