11 Things Only Parents of Girls Will Understand

The Huff Post shared this gem about 11 things ONLY parents of boys can understand. You know, because girls are nothing but clean, poised, Star Wars-hating, manipulative glitter bombs.

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A look at the first four pages of Batman Eternal #25.

The Cliffs of Insanity: Remember Kasandra Perkins? The NFL Hopes Not

Kasandra Perkins was murdered by the father of her child, a Kansas City Chiefs football player. Yet nothing changed in the way the NFL handled domestic violence until there was video.

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A geekmom writes a comic that could be characterized as starring a geekmom.

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10 DC Comics Board Books to Make You a Baby Shower Super Hero

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You Can Stop Pinterest Parenting Now

You don't have to measure your mothering skills against the things you see on Pinterest. Really.

<em>Go Math! Academy</em>: Learning Through Positive Reinforcement

Go Math! Academy provides on-line learning for kids with positive reinforcement at every step.