#LoveWins Among Geeks Too

T-800, Terminator, #lovewins

A lot of geeks were celebrating the Supreme Court decision to allow gay marriage yesterday. Here are two of them.

Lumosity Craposity

brain training is a scam,

Brain training programs exploit people like my dad. Get the facts.

The Many Lives of Black Canary


Did you know that Black Canary once switched bodies with her daughter? We explore that and other incarnations.

Geek Speaks…Fiction!


GeekDad Anthony Karcz admits that, yes, Saturday morning cartoons can lead to superhero novels.

Happy Father’s Day!

sisko, DSP

Happy Father’s Day to all. Images via: Paramount, Universal Television, and Universal Pictures.

This Geeky House: Designer Spotlight


GeekMom Samantha Cook focuses her attention on the value of design and vision thanks to an interview with designer Jennifer Brouwer.

What is it About The Hatbox Ghost?


Lisa shares her fondness, and memories, of one of most popular residents of Disneyland Park’s Haunted Mansion as he comes home to roost.