How (Not To) Make Cookie Shots


Seen the Instagram of cookie shots showing up at SXSW today? Here’s how to make them if you’re not in Austin, as well as some thoughts on not being a Pinterest-perfect mom.

Science Pin-Ups!

Rebecca Angel. Photo taken by First Impressions Pinup Makeovers

I went to a bachelorette party that involved doing vintage pin-up makeovers. I paired them with science!

Google Glass Demands Attention Even Though Hands-Free

Google Glass in action. (Photo by flickr user EricaJoy via cc by sa 2.0)

New research indicates that Google Glass and similar heads-up displays induce sufficient distraction to endanger the user’s navigating or other activities. Google Glass is intended to reduce problems such as trying to walk safely while also glancing down at a smartphone. However, research indicates that diffusing attention is dangerous in several ways that these devices may not address.

Just in Time for Memorial Day*: Enjoy the 2013 Doodle4Google Winner


A Wisconsin 12th grader is singlehandedly bringing millions of people — especially military spouses, military children and servicemembers — to tears. For her winning 2013 Doodle4Google contest entry, Sabrina Brady wholeheartedly deserves the $30,000 scholarship, new Chromebook and $50,000 technology grant to her school that come with winning the 2013 Doodle4Google competition.

Confessions of a Lonely Geek

I'm a lonely geek in an office of non-geeks \ Image: Dakster Sullivan

Most of my life I’ve been the only geek among those I see everyday. As a child, I was usually the only girl in boy-dominated courses and as an adult I’m the only female in my department. I’m also the only geek at my workplace. All of this can make for some lonely days.

GeekMom Puzzle of the Week – #48

GeekMom Puzzle Logo

Welcome to the GeekMom puzzle of the week! Each Sunday, a new quiz will be posted and you will have until 11:59 pm GMT the following Friday to submit your answer. The kind folks over at ThinkGeek will be providing a $50 gift certificate for each week’s winner.

Five Ways To Feel Like A Beach Geek

Octopus ring/pendant by Silversmith on Amazon

It’s summer for those of us in the northern hemisphere, and just as we’re starting to see the possibility of beach days approaching, those of you down under are wishing they’d last a bit longer. Either way, here are a few goodies to help you pretend you’re basking in the sun and playing in the sand.



My son was researching wonders of the modern world for an essay. He decided that Burj Khalifa, the world’s tallest building, should be a modern wonder, saying it would stand tallest for a long, long time. I asked him to back that last statement up. What buildings were in construction that could top it soon?

He started researching and we both had a great time exclaiming over the architecture, engineering, and incredible amount of money being spent all over the world to create enormous buildings.