Create Your Own SumoBots Battle

Sumobot Teamwork

Get your BattleBot on with Lego Mindstorms’ SumoBots. GeekMom Maryann walks you through the equipment and strategies necessary to win the battle!

10 Geeky Butterfly Facts to Share With Your Kids

Eastern tiger swallowtail on butterfly bush. Photo: Maryann Goldman.

As you take a few minutes to stop and smell the flowers this summer, be sure to check out all the interesting butterflies too! GeekMom Maryann takes you on a visual and factual tour of the butterflies in her backyard.

Deep Water Interests

Blue Abyss

With deep water comes deep responsibility. Why should you be interested in a 164 ft deep pool over three thousand miles away.

A Meditation Journey


Research shows meditation can help with stress, which when lowered, can help physical problems. But how to stop thinking of my next snack?

Tide Pool Party

2015-06-07 13.43.48

An incredibly fun visit to the tide pools with Seattle Aquarium’s Beach Naturalists and a two-year-old.

Eccentrics R Us

Not just another apple off the tree. (iblushay, cco public domain)

Truly eccentric people aren’t trying to stand out. They simply do their best to live in a world of conventions while simply being themselves.