Extract Fruit DNA at Home

Learn how to extract fruit DNA at home!

Happy Ada Lovelace Day! Now With More Quizzes

In honor of Ada Lovelace Day, here's a quiz about discoveries and inventions. Can you correctly identify which were made by women, and which were not?

Let’s Warp Time

Why does it feel like time is going by so quickly?

Today’s Total Lunar Eclipse in Pictures

Check out the pictures GeekMom Maryann took of the total lunar eclipse this morning!

Start Your Day With a…Lunar Eclipse?

If you’re in the mood to wake up a bit early tomorrow morning (October 8, 2014), you’ll get a pretty awesome lunar treat. That’s right, it’s total lunar eclipse time!

Giveaway: Win a Logitech iPad Keyboard Folio, Wireless Speaker, and Mouse

Instead of sending them just tasty treats that will be gobbled up and gone before their next all nighter, Logitech is giving away a care package that they'll use all year long.

The LegsGo Company Creates More Cool Prosthetic Covers

Have you been enjoying the series of posts GeekMom Judy has been sharing with us, about new prosthetic cover ideas? Here's another company, with themed designs, including Ferrari and Kill Bill.

The Freedom Cover – A Great Answer For Prosthetics And Orthotics

The next post in a series GeekMom Judy is doing about new options in the world of prosthetic leg covers. This product works for prosthetics, but also changes the look of leg braces.

Sequenced Caffeine Genome Reveals Evolutionary Advantages

The newly sequenced Coffea canephora (robusta coffee) genome reveals more tricks up caffeine's sleeve.

Water Bead Science

What happens when you freeze water beads?