The Heartbleed Bug: Which Passwords Should You Change?

GeekMom Sarah pauses for a moment to contemplate steps the everyday user can take in light of the Heartbleed bug.

Is Your Garden Poisoning Honeybees?

Are your "bee-friendly" plants actually harmful to pollinators? Find out how this is happening, plus 7 choices you can make to help out honeybees.

Paralympics Drives New Technology

Why are we still talking about the Paralympics, when they ended weeks ago? Because their influence will be felt for years to come.

Einstein in a Box: Review, Interview, Coupon Code, and Giveaway!

Einstein in a Box is a subscription box program that brings numerous STEM-focused activities to your elementary-school-aged children every month. Our family loved it, I'm sure yours will too.

Seed Science

For many of us taught in traditional schooling, science "lab" was about following directions and if you didn't get the correct result, you were wrong. That is a great way to kill anyone's curiosity or love of true ...

The 2014 NASA International Space Apps Challenges Announced

Programmers, teachers, artists, et al., are welcome to join this NASA hackathon on April 12-13th.

Fund This! Bras, Bacteria, and Bravery

From bras for young girls, to bacteria in the fantasy realm, to the bravery and commitment of a single mom in Mexico, this week's amazing campaigns offer a healthy balance of incredible products and inspiration!

International Women’s Day: STEM Gender Equity Grab-Bag

In honor of International Women's Day, let's check in on women's progress climbing ladders in STEM fields (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math). I found a couple interesting reports to share. One piece allows ...

Good Deal on a Martian Crater

For the price of a latte, you can name a crater on Mars.

WildLeaks: Empowering Everyone To Save Wildlife

Become a whistleblower, save endangered wildlife and their habitat, all thanks to the secure platform offered by