<em>Time for Kids</em> Family Edition App for Android and iPad

The Time for Kids Family Edition app for iOS and Android devices is an excellent way for kids to keep up with current events in a kid-friendly format.

The mino™: “Don’t Outrun Your Shoes”

The mino™ running shoe timer is perfect for avid runners who wear out several pair of running shoes per year. Pick one up with your next pair of runners!

Grush Crushes Cavity Creeps with Video Game Toothbrush

The Grush Brush combines video games, an app, and dental hygiene.

<em>Toca Band</em>: Free App for World Autism Awareness Day

Get your groove on with Toca Band, free in the app store in honor of World Autism Awareness Day.

Color Cables: Glow-in-the-Dark, Device-Charging Convenience

Color Cables are inexpensive, brightly colored, glow-in-the-dark alternatives to your factory charge-and-sync cables.

April Fool’s Day Fun Brought to You by the Google Maps App

Google Maps celebrates April Fool's Day with a worldwide Pokémon hunt! Are you joining in? Let us know how you're doing!

Einstein in a Box: Review, Interview, Coupon Code, and Giveaway!

Einstein in a Box is a subscription box program that brings numerous STEM-focused activities to your elementary-school-aged children every month. Our family loved it, I'm sure yours will too.

Text and Make Phone Calls for Free With Scratch Wireless

No monthly cell phone bills? With a Scratch Wireless phone it can happen.

Product Review: id America TouchTone Bluetooth Speaker

GeekMom Patricia reviews the id America TouchTone portable Bluetooth speaker, a capable speaker at a great price.

Old School Pranks vs. High Tech Tricks With Marvin’s Magic

Can "classic" pranks still hold their own among the new effects-driven illusions? They certainly do.