Safe & Warm Car Seat Solutions: 7 AM Enfant

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We now know our little ones shouldn’t wear winter coats or snowsuits in the car. That’s because fluffy outwear diminishes car seat safety in a crash. The Car Seat Lady and 7 AM Enfant have a dozen solutions. Hero Boxes!

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Starting at $39, might have the most expensive mystery boxes for geeks, but you get quality products that you won’t want to throw away.

ThinkGeek Backpack of Holding Giveaway!

The stuff inside my bag. \ Image: Dakster Sullivan

When I first saw the Backpack of Holding on ThinkGeek’s site, I was more attracted to the name and reputation of the other Bags of Holding than its looks. I have the conventional Bag of Holding and I’m very happy with it. I expected that despite the unfortunate appearance of the Backpack of Holding, that this would be just as awesome as its cousin.