Tabletop Game: ‘Harbour’

Image: Tasty Minstrel Games

Harbour is a worker placement game focused on humor and economy. Buy buildings, use your tricks, and score big! Smash your opponents to become the Harbour Master.

Microsoft’s Office 365 Adds Extra Benefits

Image: Microsoft

Today, Microsoft Office includes many programs, including Outlook, Power Point, Access, Publisher, and more. You can get all or some of them, depending on what version of Office you purchase. Microsoft still offers one-time purchases of Office versions, but there are some distinct advantages to the subscription to Office 365.

Check Out the Brick Marketplace for Lego Options

Image: Lego

As any geek or parent knows, it’s sometimes difficult to get the Lego set that you or your kids have your/their heart set on, so it’s great to have options for where to find them. Being an authorized Lego retailer, Brick Marketplace is another viable option for fulfilling your (and your kids’) Lego dreams.