Create Your Own SumoBots Battle

Sumobot Teamwork

Get your BattleBot on with Lego Mindstorms’ SumoBots. GeekMom Maryann walks you through the equipment and strategies necessary to win the battle!

Keeping Geeky Contact In College


“Miss Us?!” was the caption in this postcard sent by the Postagram app. My son and I wanted my daughter in college to know we were thinking about her…and maybe laugh.

Tiny Hands Apps Puts the Joy of Learning in Toddlers’ Hands

Image: Tiny Hands

As the mother of two kids in a very tech-connected geek household, apps are often on our minds. Which is why I’m so excited to share Tiny Hands Apps, our sponsor, with you. Our daughter, the youngest, is only two. And while she’s fascinated with the iPad and certainly wants to use it like her brother does, there’s not much out there that caters to

A Summertime Tour of New Prosthetic Designs

Feeling like a kid, at the amusement park. 
Photo: Judy Berna

With the increase in temperatures comes the switching from long pants to shorts. For an amputee, this might be more difficult than you think. Join us in exploring the fun new options in prosthetic design.