<em>Project Superhero</em>: A Book For Your Young, Comics-Loving Girl

In this fiction/non-fiction hybrid for pre-teen girls, Jessie's 8th-grade class embarks on the Superhero Slam, a year-long project to explore heroes and superheroes---culturally, scientifically, and ...

Take Your Child to a Bookstore Day on December 6th

Take your child to a bookstore this Saturday, and discover new worlds in treasured pages.

GeekMom’s  2014 Gift Guide of Books

Today's gift guide is full of books: Historical books, storybooks, reference books, baby books, comic books, and more. There is something for everyone on this list!

The Classic Style of <em>Marimekko: In Patterns</em>

Learn about decades of gorgeous design from Finnish company Marimekko.

Stack Overflow: It’s the End of the World as We Know It…

I've always been fond of dystopian and apocalyptic fiction for some odd reason. Here are several titles I've been reading lately that play with world-ending, evil robots, and more.

<em>Misty, The Proud Cloud</em>: Interview with Illustrator Nidhi Chanani

GeekMom Samantha Cook (and her daughter) take a look at the newly released "Misty, the Proud Cloud," a picture book about the joy of being yourself.

Barbie: I Can Be A Computer Engineer…Psyke

Offended in more ways than one, GeekMom Samantha Cook takes a look at the "Barbie: I Can Be a Computer Engineer" problem.

Between the Bookends: November 2014

As we leave behind Halloween and head inextricably forwards towards turkey, trimmings, and tinsel, the GeekMoms are still finding time to read. If you dare to join them this month you will find astronauts, ...

Exclusive Look at John Patrick Green’s Upcoming <em>Hippopotamister</em>

An exclusive eight-page, full-color preview of Hippopotamister, an upcoming First Second graphic novel for kids, plus an interview with author-illustrator John Patrick Green.

<em>Star Wars Costumes: The Original Trilogy</em>

Peruse the intricate, beautiful, and interesting costumes of the original trilogy of Star Wars. Interviews, explanations, photographs, and concept art take us on a tour of how this aspect of the movies was put together.