Extract Fruit DNA at Home

Learn how to extract fruit DNA at home!

Water Bead Science

What happens when you freeze water beads?

Summer Science Fun: Playing With Water Phases

Simple experiments with a cup, water and ice cubes that will demonstrate the water cycle to kids.

Einstein in a Box: Review, Interview, Coupon Code, and Giveaway!

Einstein in a Box is a subscription box program that brings numerous STEM-focused activities to your elementary-school-aged children every month. Our family loved it, I'm sure yours will too.

Seed Science

For many of us taught in traditional schooling, science "lab" was about following directions and if you didn't get the correct result, you were wrong. That is a great way to kill anyone's curiosity or love of true ...

STEM Science Stations Float Kids’ Boats

Kids can get their hands wet in STEM exploring the activities in Lakeshore Learning's Sink or Float STEM Science Station.

Ants… in… Spaaace!

The latest ISS re-supply mission will include a shipment of ants involved in a K-12 educational research project.

Geeky Projects Make Learning a Joy

Parenting can have serious challenges, but learning shouldn't be one of them. It should be fun.

Easy, Fun, Science Experiments for Kids

Fun, easy, experiments to do with your kids.

Water Fun: Experiments for Mini Scientists

GeekMom Helen explores water science with her own mini scientist, using Lisa Burke's Water Fun book.