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For many of us taught in traditional schooling, science “lab” was about following directions and if you didn’t get the correct result, you were wrong. That is a great way to kill anyone’s curiosity or love of true science. Don’t let that happen with your kids!

Ants… in… Spaaace!


The latest ISS re-supply mission will include a shipment of ants involved in a K-12 educational research project.

Is a Robot Takeover Around the Corner?

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Autonomous robots able to lie, kill humans, eat meat, and operate indefinitely using power pillaged by lasers aren’t waiting in some distant sci-fi future. No. That future is now.

Neil deGrasse Tyson Explains The Origins Of Atomic Elements

Image: Wikipedia Commons.

In our favorite astrophysicist’s latest installment on AOL On’s “School of Thought” series, Neil deGrasse Tyson discusses a little-known-about paper written in the 1950s, titled “Synthesis of the Elements in Stars” and published in several scholarly journals such as Reviews of Modern Physics. This paper discussed the formation of the fundamental elements on earth, those that are taught to us in the periodic table of the elements.

Hawaii’s Thirty Meter Telescope Gets Go-Ahead

30-meter telescope planned atop Mauna Kea

Scientists, astronomers, and amateur stargazers are all abuzz – the Hawaii Board of Land and Natural Resources granted a permit for the Thirty Meter Telescope (TMT) project to be built atop Mauna Kea. The TMT promises to let us explore the galaxy’s origins, allow the analysis of black holes, and explore the formation of planets and stars.

Join The International Space Apps Challenge Hackathon

International Space Apps Challenge Website

If you ever wished you could be a part of space exploration, then you’ll want to free up your weekend on April 20th. The International Space Apps Challenge is an global 2-day hackathon where you can collaborate towards solving any of the 50 proposed challenges. Challenges vary greatly and anyone, not just programmers, are welcome to contribute.

Will Grounding DoD Demonstration Teams Impact STEM?

Thunderbirds, Blue Angels, airshow

Yesterday the U.S. Navy announced a cancelation of the remainder of the 2013 Blue Angels demonstration team air show season. The impacts expand beyond just the financial. My heart is very heavy about this from a parenting perspective. We are denying our kids critical exposure to STEM skills.

Method For Reversing Dementia?

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The film, titled Do You Know What My Name Is? is said to showcase a “learning therapy that can reverse symptoms of dementia.” The word “reverse” is pretty big when we’re talking about dementia. What do you think, hope or hype?

Gulp: Adventures on the Alimentary Canal – Another Treasure From Mary Roach

Photo: David Paul Morris

I cannot express to you how excited I was to find out there was a new Mary Roach book on the bookstore shelves. I devoured her other books and couldn’t wait to dive into this one. Or maybe I should say I couldn’t wait to bite into this one. This entertaining science writer’s newest work is called Gulp: Adventures on the Alimentary Canal. Yes, it’s just what

Help Send a Girl to STEM Summer Camp

Girlstart Summer Camp © Girlstart

The non-profit organization Girlstart is currently raising funds to help send girls in the Central Texas area to STEM-themed summer camp, so that they have the opportunity to learn in a fun, supportive environment.