13 Awesomely Geeky Aprons

My Little Pony via MTCoffinz on Etsy.

Protect your wardrobe from kitchen disasters with one of these awesomely geeky garments.

Step Away From My Newborn. Right. Now.

let mom bond with newborn, father bonding with newborn,

Plenty of other new mothers thrive on connecting soon after birth. Not me. I ask people to stay away for at least a week. That doesn’t always go well….

9¾ x 3: Comparing the Harry Potter Platform Experiences

The Three Platforms : Left © Universal Studios (fair use), Middle © Karen Roe via Flickr (Creati ve Commons), Right © Sophie Brown

If you want to visit the magical Platform 9¾ from the Harry Potter series, there are currently three places you can do so. Sophie tries to determine which one is the “best” experience by scoring all three across a range of categories.

Geek Speaks… Fiction! Guest Author J. Kathleen Cheney

Image: Melanie R. Meadors

Please help us welcome fantasy author J. Kathleen Cheney to GeekMom! Ms. Cheney is the author of The Golden City series from Roc Books. “The Shores of Spain,” book 3 in the series, has just been released today.

The Perfect Jewelry for Cosplay and Everyday

EdithYorkinspired Jewelry on Etsy

Looking for the perfect cosplay jewelry? Like the idea of repurposing older pieces of jewelry for everyday wear? Enjoy this interview with GeekMom Maryann and jewelry crafter and designer Martha Lewis.

DIY ‘Doctor Who’ Tile Coaster

Photo: Kelly Knox

Pick up a few inexpensive tiles from the home improvement store, grab some Sharpies, and you’re ready to get started on your one-of-a-kind ‘Doctor Who’ tile coaster.

Geek Speaks…Fiction! With Guest Brian Kirk

Image: Melanie R. Meadors

This week on Geek Speaks…Fiction! we welcome author Brian Kirk. Brian’s highly anticipated psychological horror book, ‘We Are Monsters,’ is coming out on July 7th from Samhain Publishing.

#LoveWins Among Geeks Too

T-800, Terminator, #lovewins

A lot of geeks were celebrating the Supreme Court decision to allow gay marriage yesterday. Here are two of them.

Lumosity Craposity

brain training is a scam,

Brain training programs exploit people like my dad. Get the facts.

The Many Lives of Black Canary


Did you know that Black Canary once switched bodies with her daughter? We explore that and other incarnations.

Geek Speaks…Fiction!


GeekDad Anthony Karcz admits that, yes, Saturday morning cartoons can lead to superhero novels.