Toy Fair 2014: The Small Fry Edition


Last month’s Toy Fair highlighted the best new toys for 2014, and there were some great options out there for the preschool and under crowd.

Duplo: The 2×2 Problem


Playing with Duplo is serious business in this geek house. Join Sarah as she gets to grips with their plethora of 2×2 blocks.

Fluxx: The Card Game Gets a Board


Looney Labs has been changing the rules on gamers with variations of Fluxx. This year, they have taken it up a notch with Fluxx: The Board Game.

Max Steel Reinvented


With a four year old who is obsessed with superheros and knights on a rotating basis, GeekMom Sarah takes a look at the world of Max Steel, a sword wielding superhero based on the line of toys from Mattel.

Comparison Shopping at Fortress Geek

Fortress Geek

Fortress Geek is Canada’s destination to purchase geeky toys and accessories. Find out how Fortress Geek’s prices compare to their American competitors.

Product Review: Nerf Zombie Strike Dart Blaster Series

The Nerf Zombie Strike line of dart blasters. Photo: Patricia Vollmer.

I leapt at the chance to review Nerf’s newest products: the Zombie Strike line of products, which includes dart blasters, foam machettes, and other accessories. First available at SDCC this past July, we received a pair of blasters and darts in early August and the boys immediately “claimed” their arms of choice. For 2013, these items are a Target exclusive (although they’re being resold at smaller retail outlets). They will be more widely available in 2014.