Domo/<em>Ghostbusters</em> Mash-Up Invades Stores This Fall

Who ya gonna call?....DOMO!

Which Lego Set Is Age Appropriate?

Looking to start your child's Lego adventure but not sure where to begin? GeekMom Sarah looks at the pros and cons of the new Lego Juniors line.

Fund This! Geek Dinnerware, Action Figures for Girls, Build Better Forts, and Compressed Air Rockets!

Fund This! gives you fancy dinnerware for geeks, action figures for girls that are all heroine and no hooters, fort building taken to a new level, and compressed air gliders that rock the atmosphere!

What to Expect at the New LegoLand Discovery Center Boston

LegoLand Discovery Center opens a new location in Boston today. Take a sneak peek with GeekMom Sarah and her family.

Toys From the Attic: Have You Ever Seen Juri?

GeekMom Rachel goes in search of something from her childhood.

Lottie Dolls Is Running a Super(hero) Costume Contest!

The nice people at Lottie Dolls are holding a superhero outfit design competition in order to get girls believing that they can be superheroes, too! #girlsuperhero

Old School Pranks vs. High Tech Tricks With Marvin’s Magic

Can "classic" pranks still hold their own among the new effects-driven illusions? They certainly do.

Toy Fair 2014: The Small Fry Edition

Last month's Toy Fair highlighted the best new toys for 2014, and there were some great options out there for the preschool and under crowd.

Touring Teddies Kickstarter: A Traveling Friend

This Kickstarter campaign gives your child a teddy bear pen pal who has caught the travel bug.

My Childhood: Coming to Me From My Parents’ Attic

GeekMom Sarah explores her parents' attic to learn more about how the geek she is, comes from the geek she once was.