Step Away From My Newborn. Right. Now.

let mom bond with newborn, father bonding with newborn,

Plenty of other new mothers thrive on connecting soon after birth. Not me. I ask people to stay away for at least a week. That doesn’t always go well….

#LoveWins Among Geeks Too

T-800, Terminator, #lovewins

A lot of geeks were celebrating the Supreme Court decision to allow gay marriage yesterday. Here are two of them.

Happy Father’s Day!

sisko, DSP

Happy Father’s Day to all. Images via: Paramount, Universal Television, and Universal Pictures.

Screen-Free Week: 5 Reasons to Say No


GeekMom Samantha has five good reasons on why you should say no to Screen Free Week, and what we should be doing instead to foster balance and connection in a technology-filled world.

A Letter to My Neurotypical Daughter

Image: Natania Barron

Natania reflects on the challenges of raising two kids — one with autism and the other who is neurotypical — and the daily life struggles and triumphs that come about.

Goals, Part 2: The Big Picture

Last week, GeekMom Mel talked a little about setting realistic goals. But what if…you just never get there?

Body Image and the Geek

Me around 1990. Who knew this cute kid would later have severe body image issues? \ Image: Dakster Sullivan

Body image does not discriminate. I was only 10-years-old when I started down a dark path to a “better” body.