11 Things Only Parents of Girls Will Understand

The Huff Post shared this gem about 11 things ONLY parents of boys can understand. You know, because girls are nothing but clean, poised, Star Wars-hating, manipulative glitter bombs.

Breast Pumps at the MIT Hackathon

This weekend, the MIT Hackathon focuses on making the breast pump Not Suck!

Pirate Poems to Read Out Loud

Who says dead men tell no tales? These swashbuckling tales by poets past and present have plenty to say.

The Cliffs of Insanity: Quitting the NFL?

The NFL is a business and it's becoming an increasingly callous one. My fandom is wavering.

Memories of 9/11: A Military Member’s Perspective

Where we were in 9/11 have become such fixtures in our memories.

You Can Stop Pinterest Parenting Now

You don't have to measure your mothering skills against the things you see on Pinterest. Really.

Naming A New Geek Pet

Adopting a dog is easy. Naming it, not so much.

First Day of School: Are You Spock or Troi?

GeekMom Melody has always been more of a Deanna Troi then a Mr. Spock when it came to emotions.

35 Ways To Make Summer Linger

Mix up burp juice, fence with cardboard tubes, make zucchini gummy fruit, go backyard camping, and much more.

How ChicoBags Changed The Way I Live

How hard is it to really change a family's habits? When one family tried giving up plastic bags, having the right tools helped them succeed.