A Letter to My Neurotypical Daughter

Image: Natania Barron

Natania reflects on the challenges of raising two kids — one with autism and the other who is neurotypical — and the daily life struggles and triumphs that come about.

Goals, Part 2: The Big Picture


Last week, GeekMom Mel talked a little about setting realistic goals. But what if…you just never get there?

Body Image and the Geek

Me around 1990. Who knew this cute kid would later have severe body image issues? \ Image: Dakster Sullivan

Body image does not discriminate. I was only 10-years-old when I started down a dark path to a “better” body.

Hide Your Spoons


Spoon players are geeks of the music world.

Dear WikiHow…


Dakster writes a letter to WikiHow, about depression and why hiding it is bad advice.

A Day in the Life of a GeekMom Actor


Most days, GeekMom Melody is a stay-at-home mom. Other days, she’s a working actor. Follow a day in her life, from the set of a commercial.

Celebrate Slacker New Year’s Eve

Party by unpartying. (CC by 2.0 davejdoe's flickr photostream)

Have an entirely relaxing New Year’s Eve celebration. Your kids will think it’s the best New Year’s Eve ever.

New Year Resolution vs. New Year Mantra

New Year resolutions. Flickr user chrish_99, CC BY 2.0

Last year I decided to try something new. Rather than making a resolution, I would assign my new year a word. A mantra. Here’s how it changed my life, one opportunity at a time!

Happy Chinese and a Movie


There was no Christmas tree in our house. There were no stockings, and Santa never came down the chimney. This is how I grew up. 7% of Americans do not celebrate Christmas. That includes members of many religions (including some Christians) and other Americans for whom, for whatever reason, it’s just not a holiday.

Storytime Magazine

Storytime Magazine © Sophie Brown

Storytime is a new magazine for children and parents to share that aims to encourage reading and interaction with stories, but without any advertising or free plastic clutter.