<em>The Boxtrolls</em> by the Numbers

Can you guess how many props were made by hand for The Boxtrolls? Or how long it took to create one minute of film? The answers may surprise you.

4 Magical Cozy Mystery Series to Snuggle Up With This Fall

These four cozy mystery series are the perfect quick reads for nights when you want to wrap your brain in warm fuzzies.

GeekMom: Comic Book Corner — <em>The Flash</em>, <em>Astro City</em>, <em>Lumberjanes</em>, <em>Red Sonja</em>, and <em>Futures End</em>

This week we explore The Flash: Season Zero, Futures End, Red Sonja, Lumberjanes, and Astro City.

A Great Scottish Export? <em>The Gruffalo</em>.

"A moose took a dauner through the deep, mirk widd. A tod saw the moose and the moose looked guid." A favored children's book, in Scottish?

GeekMom Video Playlist

A little bit of this, a little bit of that, a lot of Let's Play, and a touch of NSFW. You have been warned.

Hack, Slash, Repeat: <em>Hyrule Warriors</em>

If you've ever wanted to play a Zelda game without the hassle of solving puzzles, Hyrule Warriors is the game for you.

Fund This: CODE, Victorian Chart Puzzles, and Cthulhu Cards!

GeekMom Samantha highlights a documentary on the gender gap in science and technology, fictional Victorian chart puzzles, and artisanal cards that will feed (on) your holiday spirit!

How Ecological! A Review of <em>EcoFluxx</em>

EcoFluxx is one of the many games in Looney Labs’ line of Fluxx card games. GeekMom Melanie wonders, is it worth buying another Fluxx game?

Five Ways to Geek London With London Pass, Part 1

I'm a literary geek, a nautical geek, and a time geek; the husband is a bit of a history geek, with a particular interest in Londinium; and our daughter? She thought most of what she wanted to see in London was ...

Face It, Tiger: Gwen Stacy is Spider-Woman

What if instead of biting Peter Parker that fateful day, the irradiated spider found Gwen Stacy first?