Raising Citizens of the World

raising Earth citizens, planetary citizens, global learners

Here are dozens of ideas and resources for helping our kids understand the many ways they’re linked to their fellow beings on this beautiful blue/green planet.

Kalk: A Card Game That Makes Math Fun!


GeekMom Mel talks to game designers Tommy and Jonathan, the makers of Kalk, about their Kickstarter campaign. Math really can be fun!

We Love Language Maps


Language maps show you what words and phrases are trending, how dialect distinguishes us, and how words sound in different languages.

Beautiful Dendrites: Snowflake Science

Photo: Patricia Vollmer.

If you’re dealing with this current Arctic cold blast in the upper Midwest, GeekMom Patricia will tell you about the gorgeous snowflakes can form in these temperatures.

GeekMom Mel Chats With Kyle Hill, Science Editor of Nerdist

Kyle Headshot 10

I don’t know about you, but there is nothing I love more than to read about science that’s presented in an entertaining and digestible way, especially when it pertains to topics I geek out about anyway, like comics and video games.

Science Literacy: Statistics Shmatistics

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Reading GeekMom will make your day 39% happier, your children 50% smarter, and the world 100% better. Hmm…maybe learning about statistics would help.

Let Your Girls Grow Up to Be Cowgirls

cowgirl role models, grow up to be cowgirls,

Real cowgirls have never been movie stereotypes, more like role models. These women defied convention by training horses, riding, doing hard physical labor, and constantly proving themselves capable well before women commonly wore pants. Or had the right to vote.

Don’t Forget to Vote!

Map courtesy of Bing.

Voting in this election is as important as ever, and Bing helps make our candidate and issue research easier.

Local Fruit For Free

Photo: Fallingfruit.org

Are you filling your grocery cart with autumn fruits and vegetables? What if you could go pick your own…for free?

Fun Facts In October


Some fun/interesting/random/quite dull actually facts about the month of October.