Should We “Dilute the Kool-Aid” When Answering Kids’ Science Questions?

GeekMom Patricia has a term for watering down answers to kids' "Why" questions: Diluting the Kool-Aid.

Introducing the 2015 Summer Immersion Program at Girls Who Code

Sophomore and junior high school girls are encouraged to apply to the Girls Who Code 7-week summer immersion program, offered in about a dozen cities across the U.S.

New Study Reveals Need for More Educational Apps

A new study published in Spurious Science has shown that 105% of parents want more educational apps for teaching letters and numbers zero through ten.

Beautiful Dendrites: Snowflake Science

If you're dealing with this current Arctic cold blast in the upper Midwest, GeekMom Patricia will tell you about the gorgeous snowflakes can form in these temperatures.

Don’t Miss the Hour of Code – December 8-14!

Take advantage of this year's Hour of Code to introduce your child to programming, sharpen your child's programming skills, or even give programming a try for yourself

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GeekMom Mel Chats With Kyle Hill, Science Editor of Nerdist

I don't know about you, but there is nothing I love more than to read about science that's presented in an entertaining and digestible way, especially when it pertains to topics I geek out about anyway, like comics ...

Science Literacy: Statistics Shmatistics

Reading GeekMom will make your day 39% happier, your children 50% smarter, and the world 100% better. Hmm...maybe learning about statistics would help.

Chrysler Is Giving a $60K Scholarship to an Aspiring Auto Designer

Chrysler is holding an automotive design contest for high school students with a $60K scholarship up for grabs.

Preserving Childhood Memories Through Timeline Creation Apps

Save complete childhood memories by creating a timeline with your photos with apps such as Tiki-Toki.