Yes, There’s a Connection Between Diet and Behavior

My son's school problems turned out to have a dietary basis.

Local Fruit For Free

Are you filling your grocery cart with autumn fruits and vegetables? What if you could go pick your own...for free?

Happy World Teacher’s Day! Logitech Has a Discount for You

Get 30 percent off plus free express shipping today only at Logitech's site for teachers.

Fun Facts In October

Some fun/interesting/random/quite dull actually facts about the month of October.

Hacker School Offering Grants to Diversify the Programmer Demographic

Hacker School seeks to increase diversity in the programming industry by awarding grants to women and minorities.

Microsoft YouthSpark Continues to Provide Technical Skills and Education

Microsoft continues with and expands their already-extensive education initiatives.

4 Tips For Speaking With Someone Learning a New Language & How It Applies to Toddlers

A foreign speaker and a toddler are very similar, linguistically speaking: People with things to say and limited skills to say it with. Learn how to ease communication with these 4 tips!

<em>Go Math! Academy</em>: Learning Through Positive Reinforcement

Go Math! Academy provides on-line learning for kids with positive reinforcement at every step.

Lego Education Options Including a WeDo Primer

When considering a Lego purchase, don't forget the items available on the Lego Education site including Lego Education WeDo.

Board Game Hacks: Games to Play in a Classroom

When asked to break-up a boring day in the classroom the day before a big vacation, GeekMom Cathe performs board game hacks to use games in the classroom.