Geeky Tea Tasting


Tea! Graphs! Aroma! Flavor! Color! (Business Kitty says, “Is this working? YAY!”)

Magic Card for Love

magic valentine big crop

Pull out this Magic card at your next gathering and use Love to defeat all.

Recycle Your Kids’ Artwork


Parental guilt be silenced on clean up day. Recycle and reload your little art geniuses masterpieces and obey the cull.

20 Quirky Ways to Celebrate Valentine’s Day

alternative Valentine celebrations, Valentine art, heart art, quirky Valentine celebrations,

Un-cliché your Valentine’s Day. Create a heart out of something unexpected, commit anonymous good deeds, or try any of our other out-of-the-ordinary ideas.

Hidden Gems Are the Perfect Appetizers

Extra-crunch version made with almond meal. (image: L. Weldon)

Roll anything you want in the center of these crusty, cheesy appetizers. Better yet, you can make them in advance. Even freeze them. Betcha these will become a favorite with your family too.