Pin It! Cosplay Edition

Pin It Cosplay

Welcome to the first post in our Pin It! series. Today, Dakster shares her favorite boards for cosplayers.

Cinderella 2015: A Princess in the Golden Age of Hollywood

Cinderella Picture

Kenneth Branagh has reinterpreted this live-action Cinderella to feel like a golden age of Hollywood classic (with English accents). Cate Blanchett’s wicked stepmother wanders around in 1940’s inspired hats with veils, pin-curled updos, bright red lips, and “mode de Paris.” The stepsisters don peter pan collars, loud prints, big curly hair, and pink, fuzzy 1950’s inspired sweater shrugs. Cinderella’s ball dress looks as if it mixed the original cartoon dress with a little Scarlett O’Hara and a lot of Swarovski crystals.

This Geeky House: An Introduction


GeekMom Samantha Cook introduces the revival of the This Geeky House column, starting with her own geeky home renovation.

GeekMom Fashion Inspiration: Abigail Mills

GeekMom Fashion Inspiration © Sophie Brown

Abbie Mill’s clothing is all about practicality and comfort. Her simple style makes her easy to emulate and it’s a look that can be adapted to suit anyone.

How to Throw a Fun Gnome Party

Gnome tablescape. Photo by Ariane Coffin.

Ariane relives the details of her last party planning project: a gnome party for her second daughter’s first birthday.

Geeky Tea Tasting


Tea! Graphs! Aroma! Flavor! Color! (Business Kitty says, “Is this working? YAY!”)

Magic Card for Love

magic valentine big crop

Pull out this Magic card at your next gathering and use Love to defeat all.

Recycle Your Kids’ Artwork


Parental guilt be silenced on clean up day. Recycle and reload your little art geniuses masterpieces and obey the cull.