Getting to Know Romo The iPhone Robot

GeekMom Rachel and her family go hands-on with this smartphone-enabled robot.

Product Review: Wii Fit U and Wii Fit Meter

We had a lot of fun with the Wii U and Wii Fit U. Loved the included games. And I liked the Wii Fit Meter much more than I thought I would. One concern below, but overall: Yup! it’s a go.

Product Review: QAK Thump Case Pack Bluetooth Headphones

I recently received QAK Thump Case Pack Bluetooth headphones to review. The company---named QAK to mean Quality in Accessories are Key---is right up the road from me in Boulder, Colorado, and they apparently ...

Canon Makes a Facebook App!

Canon has released a new Facebook app so kids can send their drawings, photos, and wish lists directly to Santa!

GeekMom 2013 Holiday Gift Guide: Gadgets

It's no secret: geeks tend to go for gadgets. So, for the geek on your list, why not consider one of these gadgets or gadget accessories?

Ion Makes Quality, Varied Audio Products

Sometimes you want or need an unusual audio product that doesn't cost a fortune but does a very specific task. Ion Audio makes solutions for consumers' every day needs.

Your Android Phone Has Geeky Answers To These 22 Requests

If you haven't played with the voice commands on your Android phone yet, you're missing out on a) looking like a total nerd (so what?) and b) some really fun answers. Here are a few to try.

The New Nintendo Consoles: Worth Buying?

The Wii Mini and the 2DS may seem retro but they definitely have their charms, especially for beginners.

Gotta Share ‘Em All: The Fun of eBay Collections, Comic Book Style

New eBay collections let everyone curate their wish lists and share them, too. Ours are especially geeky, but of course.

Product Review: The Vaavud Smartphone Anemometer

The Vaavud anemometer is a handy little device fits in your pocket and makes it easy to see just how strongly the winds are blowing using your iOS device or Samsung Galaxy phone. Perfect for outdoor hobbyists!