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Between the Bookends at GeekMom

This month's Between the Bookends covers comical cats, Lemony Snicket causing despondency yet again, and a story of ordinary hardship in World War I.

Buffy’s Back! Complete Recap for Newbies and Returning Fans

With nine seasons of backstory, there’s now a lot of Buffy history to get through. For those of you interested in diving into the show again, here’s a (mostly) spoiler-free recap of the road so far.

Em-Con Recap

Em-Con was the first event of its kind in the region. I enjoyed myself immensely, however for many attendees, it was a long, long wait.

Forgotten Fandoms: <em>The Night Stalker</em>

The Night Stalker follows Carl Kolchak, a reporter with an uncanny ability to pick up stories that have paranormal elements.

Bare Conductive: Electric Paint for Crafts & More

GeekMom Sophie is always interested in trying something new in the world of crafts, so the idea behind Bare Conductive's battery-powered cards made with electric paint seemed fascinating.

JewelGram: Jewelry From Your Instagram Snaps

JewelGram uses your Instagram photos to create unique items of jewelry, but sadly the results aren't quite up to scratch.

<em>You Are The Music</em> Explores Our Relationship with Music

You are The Music explores how we relate to music and how it in turn influences us and helps us develop throughout every stage of our lives.

Reptile Round-Up: New Apps From PBS, Dr Seuss, & the Smithsonian

Dr. Seuss, PBS Kids, and even the Smithsonian have new apps out filled with dinosaurs, lizards, and snakes, so I’ve been taking a look at several of them.

Between the Bookends at GeekMom

Between the Bookends returns for 2014 with ghosts in Malaysia, murder and intrigue in Westeros, and a whole lot of My Little Pony!

<em>Fangirl</em> is Three Stories in One (and They All Have Strong Female Characters!)

Fangirl is the story of Cath, an 18-year-old freshman starting her college life. She also happens to be obsessed, completely so, by the fictional world of Simon Snow.