Ruth Suehle

By day, Ruth Suehle helps upstream open source software communities and tells people how to build fun things with a Raspberry Pi. By night, she fights crimes against craftiness. No, that's not true. She just makes things, which means her husband and kids know to watch out for stray pins and to ask before eating anything made of fondant. (Follow her on Twitter at @suehle.)

Get Ready For Geek-Inspired Couture In The Her Universe Fashion Show at SDCC

If you love TARDIS gowns and gender-bending Loki cosplay, you're going to love to see what Her Universe brings to San Diego Comic-Con. If you like to design those things, you're going to want to participate. Her ...

How (Not To) Make Cookie Shots

Seen the Instagram of cookie shots showing up at SXSW today? Here's how to make them if you're not in Austin, as well as some thoughts on not being a Pinterest-perfect mom.

Tesse-whatsit? The Science-ish of Tesseracts in Science Fiction

The idea of a tesseract has been used in fiction quite a bit since the term was coined---can you believe it?---in 1888. Here are a few examples.

<em>Robot Burp Head Smartypants</em>: Can You Burp A Bedtime Story?

Annette Simon's robot buddies return in their game of one-upmanship in Robot Burp Head Smartypants.

Gleeks: Hear Lea Michele’s Song For Cory Monteith

Hear Lea Michele's tribute song to Cory Monteith, "You're Mine."

Geektastic Cookie Cutters You Can Print

Check out the best of the geeky cookie cutters posted on Thingiverse, the home of shared 3D printer files.

Cosplaying Capaldi’s Doctor

Now that the new Doctor's costume is revealed, let the cosplay ideas begin!

3 Things to Remember When Teaching a Friend

As geeks, we love to share our passions. But let's be honest. A lot of us really, really suck at it when it's time to teach a friend.

Shouldst Thou Gets to a Theatre for <em>Knights of Badassdom</em>?

There are just a few chances still around to see Knights of Badassdom in a theater. Is it worth it?

How to Buy a Projector and 6 Ways to Use It

It's not too late to add a projector to your holiday season, and we've got six ways you can make good use of it before the new year.