Rebecca Angel Rebecca Angel

Rebecca Angel was one of those kids that put the dragon book on top of her pile in the hopes that someone would say, "Hey, I'm into that stuff too!" Alas, she had to wait until she was an adult to find fellow geeks. Luckily, she married one and they are homeschooling two children in upstate NY. Rebecca is a singer/songwriter, creative arts instructor, proponent of science literacy and 21st century education, and lover of tea, funky tights, RPGs, anime, manga, comics, fantasy books and movies. She writes about these things on geekmom, her favorite community of fellow geeks!

Global Game Jam 2015

Innovation, experimentation, collaboration. That's Global Game Jam.

Tea Without Princesses

Tea parties don't have to be about sparkles and lace. Here are some picture books to liven up your tea party for all genders and styles.

Virtual Choir for Choral Geeks

Music geeks know Eric Whitacre as the rock star classical composer for choirs, but did you know about the Virtual Choir project? The internet and music together!

Gamin’ Up New Year’s Eve

New Year's Eve is the time to play loooong games. Here's a list of ones that you have around - and ones that you should!

Pirate vs. Ninja Christmas

My son is a ninja fan, and I am most certainly Pro-Pirate. How does this play out at Christmas?

Get In the “Misty Mountains” Spirit

Anyone who has seen The Hobbit remembers that scene in Bilbo's house when the dwarves start singing that low, gorgeous song. It's called "Misty Mountains," and by listening and singing along, we're getting ready for ...

Geek-twisting Holiday Songs

Oh, who wants the same old boring lyrics to our holiday favorite tunes? Add a geeky twist!

<em>Elevenses</em>: Tea With Strategy

Elevenses is a diverting strategy game that just happens to be clothed in pale pink, with sugar cubes as tokens.

Unbored Games: Serious Fun for Everyone

Whether you work with kids, have kids, or are a kid yourself, I recommend Unbored Games!

Science Literacy: Statistics Shmatistics

Reading GeekMom will make your day 39% happier, your children 50% smarter, and the world 100% better. Hmm...maybe learning about statistics would help.