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Patricia Vollmer is a geeky meteorologist mother of two emerging geek sons, ages 9 & 11. She is a proud U.S. Air Force wife and part time Air Force Reservist who blogs about her family's military life at Ground Control to Major Mom. Home is always where the Air Force sends her family, which for now is in Colorado Springs, Colorado (her 8th home in 18 years). Hobbies include running, playing her violin, needlecrafts and exploring the world with her boys.

The Latest from Nerf’s Zombie Strike: Review & Giveaway!

GeekMom Patricia shows us how to be prepared for the zombie apocalypse with the latest offerings from the Nerf Zombie Strike Blaster line.

Day Out With Thomas: 2014′s “Talking Thomas” and a Big Announcement

GeekMom Patricia chatted with a Day Out With Thomas engineer at the Strasburg Railroad about Thomas' new animatronic face!

Registration for the <em>Star Wars</em> Half Marathon at Disneyland Opens Today!

Do you want to run the Star Wars Half Marathon? Get thee to your computer at noon EDT on June 10; this one is going to sell out FAST!

Cutting the Cord: Yes or No?

GeekMom Patricia and her family are about the cut the cable cord. Are they ready for the revolution in how to watch television?

Fallonventions: Three Young Inventors Featured on <em>The Tonight Show</em>

In Thursday night's episode of The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon, three innovative youth, ages 9 to 16, were presented with cash awards for their inventions in a feature called "Fallonventions".

Rick Grimes vs. Walter White Epic Rap Battle

Enjoy a rap battle between Breaking Bad's Walter White and Walking Dead's Rick Grimes.

DIY Vermicomposting III: Harvesting the Poop

If you have your worms happily buzzing in your homemade worm bin, and you're seeing some happy worms through signs of their reproduction, after about 3 months, you might be ready to harvest some of the worm castings ...

DIY Vermicomposting II: Do You See Cocoons Yet?

If the conditions are just right, after approximately 90 days, your worm population might be happy enough to reproduce.

DIY Vermicomposting I: Compost Year-Round with a Small Investment

The first post in our series will present you with an inexpensive way to start a DIY vermicomposting worm bin of your very own.

<em>Time for Kids</em> Family Edition App for Android and iPad

The Time for Kids Family Edition app for iOS and Android devices is an excellent way for kids to keep up with current events in a kid-friendly format.