Nicole Wakelin

Nicole has her own blog, Total Fan Girl and hosts a segment on The D6 Generation gaming podcast. She's a contributor to Nerd Approved, Fashionably Geek and That's Nerdalicious. She also geeks-out over cars as Technology Editor at The Fast Lane Car . In her spare time, she's Mom to two geek girls and teaches them all the important things in life like Han shot first, vampires don't sparkle and always carry a towel.

The Gamification of Car Buying Thanks to Jimmy Fallon and His Ford F-150

Jimmy Fallon has gamified car buying with the purchase of his new Ford F-150 King Ranch.

Talking Cars, STEM, and Moms With One of the Women Behind the New Ford Mustang

GeekMom Nicole spoke with Ford Vehicle Line Director Marcy Fisher about working on the new 2015 Ford Mustang, getting kids into STEM careers, and her path to engineering.

The 2014 Honda Odyssey Had Me At Built-In Vacuum

If you're looking into a minivan, I am telling you that once you see the built-in vacuum in the 2014 Honda Odyssey you'll be sold.

I Missed Pi Day, Now What?!

It was Pi Day and GeekMom Nicole had nothing. No Pi pie. Not even a lame store-bought pie.

Sylvan Learning Launches New Mobile Games Network For Kids

Sylvan Learning aims to help make the decision about what mobile games kids should play a little easier with their newly launched mobile games network designed for kids called SylvanPlay

Ben From <em>Parks And Recreation</em> Loses It When He Gets An Iron Throne

There are things for every fandom that so perfectly capture that fandom, that they can make a fan go a little nuts. The Iron Throne is one of those things.

NASA Joins Forces With GLaDos and It’s a Good Thing

NASA has found an unlikely partner in the form of the evil AI that is GLaDOS from the Portal franchise of video games.

Beauty’s Got Muscle: A Girl and a Car Proving Women Can Do Anything

Katie and her '78 Chevy Nova are proving that women can be passionate about anything, even the guy's world of cars.

BRAKES Driving School Aims To Keep Teens Safe

The people at BRAKES Driving School are on a mission to make your teen driver safer behind the wheel.

That Time Zombies Reached Out From a NYC Sidewalk Grate [Video]

Thanks to AMC and their zombies, I'm thinking there are a few New Yorkers who will never, ever, ever walk over a sidewalk grate again.