Melissa Wiley Melissa Wiley

Melissa Wiley is the author of The Prairie Thief, Inch and Roly Make a Wish, Fox and Crow Are Not Friends, and other books for children. Between chapters, she's raising a brigade of book nerds in sunny San Diego and blogging the adventure at Here in the Bonny Glen. Melissa and her husband Scott Peterson are cowriters of Into the Thicklebit, a webcomic about family, illustrated by Chris Gugliotti.

Exclusive Look at First Second’s Upcoming Fable Comics

First Second's excellent comics-style fairy tale and nursery rhyme collections will soon be joined by Fable Comics, featuring illustrated tales from many cultures and traditions. Here's a sneak peek!

Subscription Box Review: Jessica Comingore Quarterly

A peek inside the first Quarterly Co. mailing from designer and lifestyle blogger Jessica Comingore.

Fairy Tale Comics and Baba Yaga: An Interview With Jillian Tamaki

In Fairy Tale Comics, First Second has assembled a team of gifted cartoonists to bring some very old stories to a brand-new audience, comics-style.

Awesome Free Resource About the Benefits of Comics for Kids

Don't miss this awesome resource about the many benefits of comics for building literacy skills!

GeekMom Counterpoint: Why I Love Why

GeekMom Ariane's post about why she hates "why" inspired GeekMom Melissa to ponder why she loves the why stage. Where do you stand?

In GeekMom Book Dish, author Melissa Wiley talks shop with other writers and artists. This episode's guest: author Quinn Cummings.

Subscription Box Review: Candy Japan

Happy news for your sweet tooth: Candy Japan is a monthly subscription service that brings the unusual, delectable confections of Japan right to your door.

Interview with Cecil Castellucci, Author of <cite>Odd Duck</cite>

An interview with the author of Odd Duck, a delightful new graphic novel for kids--and anyone with an appreciation for quirky characters.

National Poetry Month is almost over, but you can make poetry a part of your day year-round. Here are five simple suggestions for fitting poems into your busy schedule: 1. Visit the Writer’s Almanac. Better ...

With San Francisco’s Moscone Center under renovation, WonderCon moved to Anaheim this year—and seemed to bring a bit of the Bay Area’s rain and chill wind along with it. We shivered our way between ...